Rococo Rose Chocolate Bar

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rococo rose dark chocolate bee barA dark chocolate bee bar that has a Turkish Delight flavour of rose.  It makes it not too floral and quite pleasant.  It’s like Turkish Delight without the chewy gooey bits.

The dark chocolate doesn’t stand out on its own and so the flavour of the chocolate is somewhat lost in the outstanding sweet rose flavour. It doesn’t taste too floral and so possibly rose damask essential oil was used in small quantities.

I’m not sure I could take too much of this bar as after a small amount all I can taste is that Turkish Delight rose flavour but as I do enjoy that flavour, I’m not complaining.

This bar makes a delightful unique change from usual dark chocolate bars and on top of which it is fun.  Why not pick this one and a few others up from Rococo and have a bit of a chocolate tasting at your place?

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