Valrhona Initiation Grands Crus

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valrhona taster box

This lovely tasting box is intended to introduce you to the flavour of different chocolates and help you taste the difference between different kinds of chocolate.

Each chocolate square is a different chocolate from Manjari to Abinao each chocolate has a different flavour.  The point of the box it to take you the eater through each flavour and help you experience it fully.

The place to start is with the fresh and tangy flavour of the 64% Manjari.  Between this and the next square, take a sip of water and wait a minute.  Next move on to the Tainori 64% which is apparently fruity and intense but I didn’t quite taste it.  The Caraibe 66% was the nicest I thought and it is described as balanced and velvety.  Next on to the Guanaja 70 for a bittersweet but elegant flavour.  I thought it was just bitter.  The Alpaco is described as floral and oaky but I felt it was kind of leathery and the abinao 85% was intense and drying in my mouth.

I think this is an absolutely fantastic way to introduce someone to chocolate tasting and the wide varieties available.

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