Soma Dual Origins Chocolate Bar Review

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soma dual origins whole barSoma Dual Origins Madagascan and Dominican Republic Chocolate Bar Review – There are times when I shop for pleasure and times that I shop out of necessity. Then there are times I shop because I am sad and this was one of those times. I went to Soma Chocolatemaker on a day I was rushing all over town after a funeral before a flight through hell home to the UK. I knew I wanted to buy something but I didn’t know what I hadn’t yet tried and I wanted to buy something so I started throwing bars in a basket along with some hot choc and cookies.

The adventure in Soma is worth it. You discover so many chocolate flavours and at different times of the year you may choose to discover gelato and sorbet, hot chocolate shots or the world’s cutest chocolate bunnies. Whatever you go in to discover, the staff will help, even walking you around the shop if it isn’t too busy – which is rare. Whether it is under siege by yummy mummies or tourists, this shop is almost never empty. Now, I was here having buried feelings of loss and despair under a veneer of stress and work and threw myself into the shop, rushed around and was silent until reaching the cash. Some of the staff knew me and as I was constantly on the verge of tears I just wanted to shop and they seemed to just let me get on with it.

I got to the cash and when I gave my name I found the wonderful Cynthia had left a bag of chocolate for me to share around which I will do by giving away a few bars the Soma Chocolate now! It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced and the lovely folk there wanted to share their passion for chocolate with someone who was also passionate and loves chocolate. I go tthe chance to meet one of the managers, chat wine and chocolate and more. But to the bar!

soma dual origins pieces of chocolateIt smells like dark chocolate and tastes like a silky creamy chocolate covered red berry. Slight acidity but with deep red fruits, this chocolate has a delicious raisin edge to it. The chocolate melts with a light creamy texture and very quickly. It has a slight acidity and yet it is extremely delicious and won’t be to difficult to eat.

This is absolutely a bar to let slowly melt in your mouth and dream of summer with its ripe red berries. Let it take you somewhere else away from the here and now. It certainly did for me. It is a delicious bar and really juicy. I think this could become a new favourite if anyone is able to buy it after I’ve bought it all up 😉

Now to the FREE CHOCOLATE part. I will be giving away TWELVE BARS to FOUR WINNERS! Yep – that’s right – you’ll get Soma chocolate! You can’t buy it here in the UK and it costs a fortune to ship so you’re getting awesome chocolate for free from one of the world’s best chocolate makers includingthe chuao! In fact, I’ll do more – a Hotel Chocolat purist bar for each winner! I’ll also add an extra secret THORNTONS chocolate block so each winner will get FOUR yummy chocolate bars and why not some Green & Blacks, Divine chocolate bars and hey maybe some Galaxy Bites! So that’ll be two Soma bars, a Hotel Chocolat Purist bar, a Thorntons block, a Green & Blacks bar, a Divine chocolate bar and maybe some Galaxy bites (subject to me being able to buy some) to FOUR lucky winners!

All you have to do to enter is be from the UK and do one (or all) of the following:

@snowted has won!Tweet: “I’m entering to win @somachocolate from @mostlyaboutchoc & you can too here: ” You must be following @mostlyaboutchoc and @somachocolate at the time of the drawing and you can only enter once per 8h period – please don’t spam your followers and bots or obviously automated entries may be discounted.



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I used to pick one winner from each way of sharing

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34 Responses to Soma Dual Origins Chocolate Bar Review

  1. Love the idea of “juicy” chocolate, Judith! Sounds divine!

    I am SO with you. SOMA is truly amazing chocolate. Never had any of their chocolate that I didn’t like. But I think there are many Brits who still prefer a sweeter form of chocolate. I gave a piece of the Three Amigos SOMA bar to a middle-aged Scot who was sitting next to us on the return flight from London and he preferred his Caramilk bar!

  2. Yasmin Butt says:

    I’ve never tried Soma chocolate but am intrigued!

    Right missus, I’ve tweeted your link on Twitter under @CelineAnis

    I subscribe to your blog to Anisceline@y…
    I follow your FB page as Yasmin Selena, have posted on your GU link and also shared your SOMA post to my FB with your page tagged in the title

    Thanks for the competition! Yasmin x

  3. coversnail says:

    That was a really moving article 🙂 bordering on having a little cry, although this is due to be being a little ill, not my unmanliness in any way 😉

  4. caroline davison says:

    Subscribed to your blog. Liked your FB page.

    I tweeted your link @cazzzie987

    Love chocolate SOOO much!! xx

  5. em says:

    If I pay the shipping costs, as I would love to try Soma, but don’t live in the UK, could I still enter?

  6. kohsamuirosie says:

    tweeted @kohsamuirosie
    liked on fb- kohsamui rosie and commented on Galaxy Chocolate Galaxy Bites Review
    I shared youe Soma post on my profile and tagged you too…
    now if any ‘bot’ can do that I’ll buy it and offer it a chance to tidy my house!

  7. kohsamuirosie says:

    Soma Dancing in Your Head Chocolate Bar Review commented here on your blog, might have got a tad crarried away.. is it really that good?

  8. bevleek says:

    Such a fantastic giveaway. This is definitely going to be popular with all us Chocoholics. Thank you for the chance to enter in so many ways. It makes a nice change that something really worth while isnt all about votes and likes. 🙂

  9. princesssmithee says:

    ive tweeted … Isabellee1992

    would love to win 🙂 !!

  10. Alice says:

    I have tweeted and I am following @mostlyaboutchoc and @somachocolate

    Tweet me @aesop57

  11. scrumpy says:

    A yummy giveaway, have liked and shared on FB, followed and tweeted giveaway @scrumpy11

  12. jools says:

    I’ve never heard of Soma chocolate. Where do they sell it, I’d love to try some.

  13. eclecticgal says:

    fab giveaway!!!! about to tweet you!

  14. Tony says:

    Subscribed to your blog. Liked your FB page. Tony Anthony Micheal
    I tweeted your link @handbag2000
    Love chocolate so much

  15. Tamsin says:

    Oh my gosh. I think I NEED to win this!

  16. BabbityBee says:

    Hi!!! Thanks for the great blog and giveaway!!!

    I am following on twitter and have tweeted! @Tracynixon

    I am subscribed to your great blog too!

    I am a fan on facebook and have shared – will go over and comment now xxx

    Thanks so much

    Tracy Nixon MSE (facebook!)

  17. Wow – that’s an impressive array of chocolate to giveaway!! Really like that sound of this Soma chocolate 🙂

    Have subscribed and will tweet as @forestflower23

  18. Commented on the Galaxy Bites review – mainly coz I have tried them too 🙂

    Also shared and commented on the Cheesecake Lollipops facebook post.

    So that’s everything – do I get chocolate now? 😉

  19. Rachael Lines says:

    My sister swears by Soma chocolate, she loves it! I have had a small sample of hers to try but she keeps it under lock and key!

  20. medsdemon says:

    ooh what a delicious giveway. Have gone down the tweet route @medsdemon

  21. joanne saunders says:

    What a fantastic competiton i am following both on twitter @5aucy5aund3r5 i tweeted. Ive shared on facebook and commented i have also subscribed. I am definately a chocoholic and i would absolutely love to win 😀 wouldnt every1?
    Good luck all xxxx

  22. Alison says:

    I must say this sounds fantastic. I am subscibed already

  23. Crystal Mse says:

    Thank you for such a scrummy competition !

    I’m chocolate mad and your description of Soma chocolate made my mouth water !

    I’ve shared with friends and Tweeting you as @CRYSTALmse

    I’m subscribing to your Blog

    Thank you for the delish competish !


  24. katherinesara says:

    Im a fan on fb and have shared the comp

    Im also a follower on twitter and have tweeted


  25. hayley.f says:

    mmm choccie. Ive never heard of soma chocolate before.Looks yummy though x

  26. Dee says:

    I’ve tried Soma chocolate, it’s gorgeous! Proper chocolate, not that over-sweet vegetable fat brown stuff that most sweetie shops sell. Once you’ve tried this, there’s no going back. You have been warned! x

  27. Amy says:

    I am absolutely dying to taste some of this Soma Chocolate you speak of!!!! Sounds like pure heaven x

  28. Helen B says:

    ! would love to try the Soma chocolate.

  29. Helen B says:

    I would love to try the Soma chocolate. I’ve always like the quality chocolates with morello cherry in and this sounds similar.

  30. claire green says:

    wow, just wow!
    soma chocolate is making my taste buds jump with joy, not to mention my moist mouth! I’ve not eaten a chocolate bar for so long due to trying to lose weight, but my god i can taste this just from your review!! i NEED this chocolate, pretty, tasty Soma <3

    (am also following you on twitter & have tweeted @fairy2789)
    (same with facebook too)
    You are just too good to us (I'd gobble it all up if i were you lol!)

  31. Despite being mad about good chocolate, I’ve not heard of Soma before. It’s always exciting to hear of a new (to me, anyway!) chocolatier, especially a bean-to-bar maker. It sounds fantastic, and I’d love to try some.

  32. LondonSheSaid says:

    Here’s my last minute entry to try and win some Soma Chocolate; your description has piqued my interest, it sounds very lush. I currently have a favourite chocolate but would love to be proven wrong!

  33. Brita says:

    OOH! I just spotted your tweet for a chance to win some of your delicious sounding chocolate – well, how could I resist such a temptation??? Count me in please!@muskrat16

  34. fiona maclean says:

    it sounds like a faboulous competition…I think I’ve done all the appropriate methods of entry (though nothing like as many comments as coversnail!!!!)

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