Quick and Easy Cinnamon Roll Croissants

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finished croisant cinnamon bunThis is a recipe I invented (or at least I believe I did having not previously seen it) while I was unwell. I wanted an easy and quick sweet treat I didn’t have to make totally from scratch but was still a little home-made.

These cinnamon roll croissants are genuinely quick and easy but you need to start with a roll of premade croissants. If you have to make your own croissant dough you’ll be working on it for half a day.

cinnamon bun croissantsWhat you need:
Roll of croissant dough
Cinnamon sugar (Steenbergs have some or make your own)

Take a triangle of the croissant dough and gently stretch it to be slightly wider and longer at the base to one third or one half of the way up the triangle. If you stretch the top it gets all out of shape for rolling.

cinnamon croissants prepOn the dough, spread a thin but generous coating of butter to within one half a centimetre of the edge.

Sprinkle pre-prepared cinnamon sugar on the dough.

prepped croissantCarefully roll up tightly but without pushing the cinnamon sugar out. This will leave a seal mostly so the sugar doesn’t leak out too much.

Bake as per instructions and voila!

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  1. I love a bit of pre-made/make your own food. This looks delicious, when I’m next in the supermarket I’m definitely going to pick some up for a weekend treat.

  2. brencis says:

    I tried these and they worked but they weren’t very cinnamon.

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