Our Mothers Are Like the Air

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my momThe more and more I think on it, the more I realise mothers are like the air. It is always there yet we never pay special attention to it. Without it we would cease to be. Sometimes it sets challenges in our way, becoming more difficult or changing in some way and we adapt. Air is just there and we fail on a daily basis to appreciate it.

I think sometimes mothers are like that. They are always there and yet we just expect that. Without them we would not be and yet too often we fail to realise and recognise that. Sometimes they push us and challenge us but they always love us. Mothers are like the air and I’m more than sure if I do a search someone else has written something similar but that’s because it’s true. I’m not saying my dad isn’t just as important to me but he’s important to me in different ways and gave me different skills, help and time.

I love my mom. Without my mom I would not be here in a lot of different ways. My mom brought me into this life. She fought for me from the first days of my life. She pushed me to do better when I would have been happy to be lazy in school. She fought for me to stay in my programming class when my female programming teacher asserted that ‘programming was no place for a woman’. She pushed me to do better in school. She pushed me on to university and helped me when I stumbled. She helped me in the lead up to my wedding. She helped me remember my responsibilities and she continues to be there for me.

I lost my grandmother not long ago. My mom lost her mom and I can tell you, my grandma was one heck of a tough woman. The things she did in her time with the weight of society against her was absolutely stunning. She was the kind of woman they make movies about and write books about because their stories are so inspirational, so amazing and they overcome so many odds it helps inspire us to go further and do more because if she could, we sure as heck can!

It is Mother’s day in North America and I know that while everyone is pushed to appreciate their mothers on this specific day I think we should appreciate them every day. Without their air we would cease to be. Without them we would not be. I appreciate all my mom has done for me.

The Women of Chocolate all have moms too and many of them are moms themselves. Inspirational and inspiring I hope everyone appreciates the air that is their mom every day.

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  1. Gochocchick says:

    Beautiful post! Your mother and grandmother are incredibly inspirational and I’m sure you are following in their footsteps. Can you share some more about your gran? It sounds like she led an amazing life.

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