Artisan du Chocolat Lumi Milk Chocolate Fusion Bar

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artisan du chocolat lumi barWith 40% cocoa and a promise of dark and deeply scented ripe limes, this bar in its decorated box reminiscent of Middle Eastern art, the first ingredient of “cane sugar” did worry me somewhat. As a person who likes to let chocolate melt in their mouth and savour the flavour of the beans, I always knew that this wasn’t going to happen with the Artisan Chocolat bars (but one can hope)

The scent of milk fat and sweet milk chocolate is the only scent that greets you on opening this bar and it leaves you wondering whether the lime flavour will pull through over these very strong flavours. I was right though – the flavour of the lime fights with the flavour of the milk chocolate and while a dark chocolate would have completely overpowered the lime, this milk chocolate does fight aggressively with the lime forcing it to struggle for any prominence.

The chocolate itself is smooth and creamy – it is a delicious milk chocolate which is rich, creamy and delicious. The darker hint of molassas here may be from the delightful cane sugar and the chocolate is a standard good quality milk. There is nothing in this chocolate which disappoints except maybe the lack of the flavour of the lime.

The lime is absolutely here but it doesn’t make itself immediately known. As a volatile top note, it is difficult to detect but once you have identified it as that odd flavour you keep tasting then you realise that it is there like a haunted image in a photo – there and obvious and yet difficult to discern.

All in all it is a pleasant, if somewhat slightly odd flavour to the chocolate from the Lumi lime.

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  1. I also find that lime goes nicely with milk chocolate, and I have no doubt that Artisan pulled this combination off quite nicely. Dark chocolate seems to require a more assertive citrus, like orange.

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