Limited Edition Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream caramel available this Christmas at Paul A Young

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rodda clotted cream caramelThis winter Paul A Young, has teamed up with Rodda’s – makers of Cornish clotted cream since 1890 – to create a truly decadent chocolate truffle especially for Christmas. And it may be small but it packs a MIGHTY punch!

Paul has used Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream as the core ingredient in a caramel that perfectly blends this Cornish clotted cream with warm gingerbread spices and a 72% Single origin Venezuelan chocolate (not recommended for your scones – just pop into mouth!)  A luxurious treat, Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream is the perfect compliment to his usual caramel and as one of the few British foods to have a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO status), all shoppers, can rest reassured of its quality and authenticity – Clotted cream made only with 100% Cornish milk and Cornish processes that’s perfect for the party season.

BUY LOCAL this holiday season and support not only British chocolatier Paul A Young but also local Cornish clotted cream maker Rodda’s to give the gift that keeps on giving to the local community (and back to you if they are shared 😉 ).

rodda clotted cream caramel insideThe NEW Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream caramel truffle will be available at Paul A Young shops in Soho, Islington and Bank. Packaged in a stylish purple box with matching ribbon and priced from £2 each or £7 for a box of four to £65 for a box of 42, these tasty truffles are as delightful to give as they are to receive. Also available for home delivery by phoning any Paul A Young shop.

They are somewhat surprising in their subtle gingerbread spicing. I wasn’t expecting something that filled my nose and made me think I was in a gingerbread house but I suppose for me it was half awy between that and subtle – enough flavour to give a punch in the nose but not enough that you are overwhelmed by it.

As with all of Paul’s chocolates, masterfully executed, high degree of skill involved to a flawless execution. Well done as well to Paul for keeping it local this holiday season. I’ll be buying more!

For 101 uses and excuses to indulge in Cornish clotted cream this Christmas, visit

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