Chococo Crackling Christmas Pod Reviewed

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chococo christmas podI was the grateful recipient of this lovely Chococo Crackling Christmas chocolate cocoa pod. I love the idea that the fruit is reproduced in chocolate form – the finished product reflecting the raw materials. This pod is a 44% trinitario bean milk chocolate cocoa pod finished in white chocolate. It is filled with milk, dark & white chocolate Christmas shapes which are wrapped in foil, dark chocolate cocoa pods filled with Chococo’s smoked sea salt caramel (mine weren’t) and popping candy-filled spiced praline Christmas pudding chocolates.

I keep spotting Chococo in all the best places like John Lewis and Cargo so if you’re looking for this cocoa pod you might be able to grab one of the few remaining cocoa pods there though it is often safer to order off their website. The chocolate is of a higher quality but with a mass appeal. Most people don’t like being confronted with complex flavours in their dark chocolate – they just want something sweet and yummy and Chococo balances great quality with mass appeal.

The cocoa pod itself is actually quite thick which I suppose it has to be. I love the idea of a chocolate dish you get to eat and this is actually really beautiful. I opened it and leaned the top on the bottom so you could get the chocolates but also see the beauty of the pod while munching a choccie.

christmas chocolate shapesThe milk, dark and white chocolate shapes are pretty standard chocolate. Nothing too challenging though the white chocolate was a touch too sweet for my and the dark chocolate was too. For my milk, it was perfect but I think that for folk unlike me who don’t eat a lot of complex dark chocolate, this will be perfect.

The dark chocolate cocoa pod with their smoked sea salt caramel was empty of smoked sea salt caramel and the 2 I got were just solid chocolate. But I know this caramel from past reviewing and it is delightful. There isn’t too much of a smoky taste with the ones I’ve tried in the past which I don’t like and yet I think husband also liked their caramel because of the slight hint of smoke which balances with his whiskey. I dislike smoke in my chocolate so I don’t like Papua New Guinea chocolate nor withers with added smoke but Chococo’s has such a subtlety to it I don’t mind. I wish I’d gotten some as I always look forward to it.

christmas puddingAs a non-praline fan, the Christmas pudding was left to last. I didn’t mind the slightly spiced praline with the orange after-taste as it gave it a bit more depth and flavour but some fans of that intense nutty flavour will be won over I think. The spice if clearly there but you still get the nuttiness. The popping candy, while nice and fun, didn’t add to the experience for me but I’m not a praline fan. I think that for kids and adults alike who like praline it will add to the pleasure with is pop and fizz.

Overall the chocolate is on the sweeter side but that is exactly what you want at Christmas. You want something delicious, fun and not at all challenging. You don’t want to have to sit and think about your chocolate and you want to impress. This chocolate cocoa pod will surely impress and the chocolates secreted inside will absolutely thrill your guests young and old alike! You can BUY IT ONLINE HERE.

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