Devnaa Coffee Masala Chai Caramel Chocolates Reviewed

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coffee masala chaiDevnaa are a company I have covered before, and usually their seasonal flavours. I remember their fudge and how I hoarded it, eating bits until I was forced to share. They have a way of adding Indian spiced flavour to confectionery which appeals to a Western palate as well as Indian palates. Without trying to hit you in the face with a wet fish, Devnaa combine flavours to create something delicious and well-balanced.

The buttery caramel has a strong taste of coffee without it being burnt or overpowering. It is simply there without making a big deal. The masala chai spices are more subtle here – either by virtue of playing second fiddle to the coffee or being calmed by the caramel. That makes the caramel flavourful without feeling like you’ve stuffed a bunch of spices in your mouth. The shell is extremely thick and being a particular dark chocolate, it makes it difficult to cut or bite through. The chocolate itself doesn’t stand out against the caramel but leaves an aftertaste which, for me, doesn’t quite match with the coffee masala.  I’m not a huge fan of the chocolate shell. The caramel is apparently infused with Devnaa’s signature freshly ground blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove alongside a hint of delicious roasted coffee. It is really nicely well balanced though.

coffee masala chai cutThe chocolate shell is a bit of a minor point though as most people are going to dig this for the coffee centre. The masala spices are subtle and to a certain extent so is the coffee. When I tried it on its own, the most dominant flavour I the caramel was a kind of buttery dairy flavour. That was the first impact I got flavour wise, then coffee then spices. They do blend when eaten with the chocolate and who the heck is going to take a bit of caramel and analyse it, right? It’s Christmas – no one is paying attention to the chocolate shell 😉

These are actually really pleasantly mildly flavoured. I’m glad the coffee isn’t too aggressive and I’m doubly glad the masala chai isn’t too punchy. I wish the chocolate shell was a bit thinner and maybe a different type of chocolate but that is totally minor compared with everything else. I really enjoy Devnaa – they add Indian spices in a sympathetic way so anyone can enjoy them. I might even share these with husband!

You can buy these Coffee Masala Chai Caramel Chocolates online but be fast – they are only for the holidays!

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