Joe & Seph’s Double Salted Smooth Caramel Popcorn

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double salt creamy caramel popcorn bagI love popcorn. It is kind of my savoury alternative to chocolate. I know all sorts about growing conditions, different varieties and how Black Jewell pops and tastes different to Crimson. I just love popcorn and could eat buckets of the stuff.

I’ve liked Joe & Seph’s caramel flavours for a few years now I think. I just loved their flavours, the dry quality to the caramel coatings and their passion. The range of flavours was excellent and the fact you could grab some on the go in supermarkets like WholeFoods just made it the ultimate snacking food.

double salt creamy caramel popcornThis new (to me) flavour combines caramel with salt and creates a sweet which is moderated by the salt. There isn’t so much salt that you get the sense that you are eating salted popcorn but rather a delightful moderated caramel flavour which is lighter and buttery (which it is meant to be!) and absolutely scrummy.

I like this flavour because it isn’t too sweet and yet there isn’t that sense of over-salted popcorn. The light flavour with the well-popped kernels gives this a crunchy-chewy quality. I really enjoyed but have to admit that the apple pie flavour still beats it for me 😉

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