Joe & Seph’s Chocolate and Hazelnut Caramel Popcorn

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joe sephs chocolate hazel bagNow this is some amazing popcorn. It arrived during chocolate week and what a perfect time for it to arrive for!

The popcorn is the usual large kernel size – absolutely huge! I love this in the popcorn from Joe & Seph because it means a single piece even is enough to nibble on and just absolutely enjoy but by bit.

The other things about Joe & Seph’s is that they make absolutely brilliant flavours and this QVC exclusive flavour is something special! There is a combination of chocolate and hazelnut which comes together to be like a praline chocolate, with the added popcorn and a bit of caramelisation.

joe sephs chocolate hazel bagSo you get this nutty flavour in your mouth but the chocolate is subtle – as you can see unlike the Melt chocolate caramel popcorn the kernels are a dark caramel brown colour. They are totally coated too – none of this weak part covering for Joe & Seph’s! They absolutely thickly slather the coating all over the popcorn kernel.

There is plenty of that lovely nutty flavour going on and it it full of nuttiness as you eat it. There is a strong nutty lasting flavour as you eat it slowly. Never rush Joe & Seph’s – always savour it!

Nut lover? Do you want to get your hands on some? Well, you’ll need to tune in to QVC tonight and watch the food show to grab a pack as part of their flavours for QVC as it is exclusive to QVC.

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  1. Gina says:

    I LOVE chocolate and hazelnut. On top of that growing up, popcorn was like a food goroup in our house. Looks like it is only sold in the UK?

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