James Chocolates Penguins in Cool Mint and Sea Salt Caramel

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penguinsThere’s nothing so cute as a chocolate penguin. I mean, look at them! Their little beaks, their cute white bellies and their inexorable march forwards. These little penguins are the latest fun creation from James Chocolates. James started handmaking chocolates in 1995 because he is passionate about food so his chocolates always take inspiration from food.

These penguins were actually in the press room of Speciality Food, a trade show I attend once a year to see what is coming up on the food scene. The show is interesting for seeing what’s new and also for catching up with people I know. When I saw James Chocolates had something new, I had to grab some!

What are the penguins like?

minty penguinCool Minty Dark Chocolate Penguins – Dark chocolate penguins with cooling mint. The website says these are “A flock of eight minty dark chocolate penguins. In their smart tailcoats these penguins couldn’t be cooler, ever if they wore shades.” I was hoping for fondant filling but the solid dark chocolate and mint was absolutely perfect as it was.

caramel penguinSea Salty Milk Chocolate Penguins – A flock of eight penguins made from our caramel milk chocolate with a touch of British sea salt. The website says:  “The latest addition to our selection of adorable animals. These unflappable Sea Salty Penguins are made using our award-winning salted caramel milk chocolate.” These were delicious. The sea salt really calms the sweetness of the milk chocolate making them a bit too moreish. I had decapitated three before I could stop (and I swapped to decapitating more mint ones)

These are fun and perfect for the holiday season. Why not choose a pack of penguins this year and have a bit of flavoured fun! Buy them ONLINE

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  1. I much prefer these to the p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pick up a Penguin variety! (Go search Pick up a Penguin if this GB ad slogan has escaped you!!) – anyway I hated Penguins which my mom put in my lunch box regularly but I like these!

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