Demarquette Theobroma Grandiflorum Chocolate Truffles Reviewed

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demarquette boxI received these chocolates from Demarquette as part of chocolates he was making for Salon and the season. I have to admit I was fascinated. Chocolate is difficult enough to make, but to choose a relative of the theobroma cacao which is a tropical rainforest tree is even more difficult. That makes these chocolates not just rare but valuable.

theobroma grandiflorum trufflesAccording to the website, “It is more commonly known as The Cupuaçu (pronounced: coo poo asoo), an arboreal fruit species considered to be a pre-Colombian crop plant which is still found wild in the eastern sub region of Brazilian Amazonia. The beans have been processed in Brazil by our partners AMMA in a very similar way to cocoa. After a number of tests and samples we have ended up with a uniquely rich aroma and deeply flavoured product.”

theobroma grandiflorum trufflesI was worried about what these might taste like. I mean, they look like chocolate but they aren’t chocolate. They do taste like a creamy chocolate with yellow fruit notes.  The chocolate truffle filling is light and delicate chocolate flavour – almost floral I’d say. There’s nothing false about it but at the same time the fruitiness is too intense for regular chocolate and the creaminess is just a bit too creamy. There is something distinct about these truffles that demonstrated that they are unique and different without being crazy weird truffle flavours.

Would I have guessed that these were a relative of the cocoa tree when I ate them? No – I would have guessed that they were an origin I was not familiar with or perhaps a criollo from a new origin I was not already familiar with. Would I buy them? Absolutely and I would gift them to a client or a friend knowing that my reputation as a chocolate expert was riding on them.

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