iPhone Stolen With a Year of Unsaved Images

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I know I am stupid.
I don’t have FindMyPhone or anything to remote wipe it.
I know I’m stupid for not backing it up and saving the images.
I would still have lost the images of my niece but I’ve lost ALL notes and images for my trip to Switzerland, several chocolate reviews (maybe 20), my trip to the Askinosie chocolate factory (but the post is written at least), my stay at the Walnut Street Inn B&B, a wine release dinner but those images were lost anyway when I tried to access them – I think the phone was short on space as one of my chat apps also broke, images from the Clementine Comms press day, and so much more.

I know I am an idiot and no the images were not backed up to G+ or iCloud or anywhere – they are lost forever. I am gutted. I am sick to my stomach upset.

Let my experience guide you – set up FindMyPhone and back up your images.

I was so distraught I gave the metro police my mom’s number rather than my dad’s. I was and am so upset I can’t think straight. I’m so sick I feel like spending the night on porcelain.

My life was stolen, I believe, on the TTC and I just can’t see how they managed it but you never do with pros I guess.

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  1. Judith I am SO sorry this happened to you. AM holding out hope that somehow it finds its was back to you. Meanwhile, backing up furiously as we speak (I do but not often enough). Sending hugs XO

    • Judith Lewis says:

      Thanks Mardi – I am just so gutted at losing all the images. Yes, I should have sync’d but last time I did there were issues and it didn’t work so I don’t even know how much is sync’d and what is lost and my insurance has a £200 excess on iPhones so goodness knows whether I’ll get anything towards having to buy a new one.

  2. Cinabar says:

    Oh my – so sorry to hear that. What a complete nightmare. These thieves just don’t think about the stress they cause, it’s not just a phone anymore. x

  3. Shawn Askinosie says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this Judith! I hope you will come back sometime and make more images. We will look to see if we have some as well.

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