Delicious or Disappointing? Pierre Marcolini Selection Box Review

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pierre marcolini selection trayNormally one of the chocolatiers I love is Pierre Marcolini. Before I had ever met him, his chocolates changed my life. I remember the exact moment. It was on my first official chocolate tour of London the first or second year of the London Chocolate Week that I went to the London location of Pierre Marcolini. He wasn’t there but we were given a talk about chocolate making and given some of his chocolates to try.

I suppose you always have a special place in your heart for your first love.  For me it was single origin Indonesian ganache chocolates and a freshly dipped truffle. His chocolates had me right there and I’ve loved his chocolate ever since. I was then really thrilled to be given the chance to visit the factory and I watched each stage of the chocolate making process from start to finish and I know that he uses the chocolate he makes in his ganaches. Yes, I know some people say otherwise but I’ve watch it happen and smelt the same the same notes in the raw beans as in the finished ganache and I trust what I saw and my nose (as well as my palette).

So it was with some joy that I got back from a trip to the US for work to find a gift of a two-tiered box of chocolates waiting for me from Pierre Marcolini. Now, I had lusted after one of these for awhile but I always have so much chocolate I could never justify buying one for myself. I saw it when it first launched with the flat egg which used a heck of a lot of the high quality chocolate to create an Easter egg safe for transport but you can just get ganaches and it comes in one, two or three tiers.

One of my tiers was a solid chocolate slab of deliciousness and wow – I needed to draft in help but the other layer – the other layer was all mine…

There are too many different flavours for me to describe them all but I can say that a similar selection was enjoyed by a number of us chocolate folk and it was absolutely enjoyed and we all fell a little more in love with Pierre Marcolini that evening after Salon du Chocolat and that selection has lost none of its allure.

If you want to get something special for someone you love, check out Pierre Marcolini’s mail order shop.  Not only can you build the perfect box which will arrive in perfect condition with cure drawers with ribbon pulls but you can be assured of some of the best chocolates on the planet.

Go on – why not discover a bit about why I fell in love with Pierre Marcolini chocolates and why each time I have some I fall in love all over again…

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