Gorvett and Stone Chocolate Covered Cinder Toffee

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gorvett stone cinder toffee bagI love cinder toffee only I call it honeycomb. I’ve loved it since I was a kid only my teeth certainly have not. After a crown and facing another you’d think I’d be unlikely to make the assay into that sticky jungle once more and yet here I am, staring down a review bag of Gorvett & Stone milk chocolate covered cinder toffee. Oh my dear gracious yum.

With the memory of the popping candy egg still cracking in my mind, I stared down the honeycomb/cinder toffee/sweet sticky goodness. I looked at the thick chocolate covering and lovely weird shapes it had been allowed to take. I knew this was going to be fun and I couldn’t imagine not sharing it – so I did 😉

gorvett stone cinder toffeeThis delicious confection has a combination of small tight bubbles and larger bubbles in the actual honeycomb meaning the consistency goes from chewy to crunchy as you eat your way through a piece. The chocolate is Valrhona and so you know it is awesome to start with and well worth looking forward to. The honeycomb or cinder toffee or whatever you want to call it is delicious. If I had to really get picky and find something to criticise the only thing I could come up with is a slightly more distinct taste to the honeycomb like Lick the Spoon have achieved.

Still, the cinder toffee is delicious and tastes just as you might expect it to. The milk chocolate is thick but not so thick that it gets in the way of the flavour or experience. The whole package is made in such a way that each piece is easily manageable with nothing too large to bite into or too large to finish. Each piece is completely enrobed meaning it will keep for a very long time.

I can’t imagine not loving this. Get a bag for yourself and then a bag for a gift because everyone knows it is good to share 🙂

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  1. Lot-O-Choc says:

    I just finished my bag of this the other day, gonna post a review up of it soon probably. Its so yummy isnt it! and extremely moreish!

  2. Hi Judith: We (in Manitoba, Canada) used to call this delicacy “sponge toffee.” I love it! But agree it can be hard on your teeth.

    Thank goodness there are progressive chocolate makers who are making dark chocolate covered sponge toffee that is not as sweet as the formula we grew up with. I profile one of the US ones on this post on my chocolate travel blog at: http://diversionswithdoreen.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/fort-meyers-beach-won-my-heart/.

    Cheers, and Happy Canada Day!

    • Judith Lewis says:

      Thanks! I had some dark chocolate covered sponge from Cocomaya but it wasn’t brill… perhaps I need to buy some from Fort Meyers!!

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