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galaxy bitesMuch to my amusement at the way my brain works, Galaxy Bites aren’t little cake bites. I’m not sure where I got the idea that these were little balls of cakey goodness but I was way off base. Then when I heard caramel was involved and I had an image of caramel in the centre, surrounded in brownie and then dipped in chocolate.

galaxy bites cut openThat, sadly, is not what this is. I know – I built you all up getting ready for fudgy brownie bites with a caramel centre and covered in chocolate but I have something JUST AS GOOD if not better for your waistline 😉 It’s the caramel centre covered in chocolate – sans the brownie!

The chocolate is standard Galaxy chocolate so you know just what you’re getting and the caramel is a more solid but still soft caramel centre with the chocolate around it. These are sweet and chewy and I can see anyone going through a bag and girls… we know exactly when we’re most likely to inhale a few bags of these 😉

While a bit sweet for me normally, I have already polished off 2 bags and I don’t see myself stopping.

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  1. Well for all the gorgeous artisan chocolates and single origin barsyou have here you gotta love some good old Galaxy 🙂 I have tried these too and yes they ARE tremendously sweet but there times when only Galaxy sweetness will do 🙂 x

  2. coversnail says:

    I always worry with chocolates of this size that they disappear far too quickly, just like Malteasers in our house, once opened they disappear so quickly its obscene!

  3. fiona maclean says:

    these do sound fab, but I’m trying to keep my obsession with chocolate balanced with a desire to lose weight. The posh stuff is so expensive, I CANT get fat on it (well that’s my theory). If I lapse into galaxy…I’m done for!

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