Divine White Chocolate with Strawberries & WIN A BAR!

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divine white chocolate strawberries wrapperAs part of fair-trade fortnight, I got a few bars of these 100g White Chocolate and Strawberry Divine chocolate. Being the sharing kinda person I am, I will be giving away TWO BARS of the chocolate but I wanted to keep one for myself to try.

Divine Chocolate was set up in 1998 after the Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ cooperative in Ghana
voted to start their own chocolate company. The cooperative owns 45% of the company, has
two representatives on the Divine Board, and receives the largest share of the distributable

I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate mainly because it is usually overly vanilla deodorised cocoa butter, milk solids and sugar. I’ll try some but generally I know I’ll not like it. I think filled white chocolate is the way to go as the Matcha Chocolat Jasmine Tea chocolates are absolutely delicious.

divine white chocolate strawberries chocolateSo it was with a touch of cynicism I tried this bar. I should have been prepared to be pleased. It’s weird but I think the strawberry is slightly *slightly* sour and it seems to tone down the sweet vanilla of the white chocolate, making it a much more pleasant bar. I actually loved crunching through the small freeze-dried strawberry bits (I’m assuming – it didn’t say so on the pack but they were dry and crunchy). You do get the occasional pip or skin so you know this is real genuine strawberry chunks in the chocolate.

The crunch of the strawberry with the creamy white chocolate made this actually much better than I had expected. Not as sweet as I would have expected I did still cut it with some unsweetened coffee and the combination was perfect!

WIN A BAR! I have TWO bars of this chocolate to give away. Since strawberries and cream are a summer treat, comment on this post about a summer memory and/or comment on Facebook about your ideal strawberries and cream indulgence and/or tweet “Ignore the cold, I want to #win a @divinechocolate bar from @mostlyaboutchoc – details here: http://bit.ly/ggTTgY ” and on SUNDAY MARCH 6th I’ll draw two winners using random.org.
Only open to people in the UK please as I have to pay for the postage (twice). You have to be following @mostlyaboutchoc and @divinechocolate to win from a tweet. Incorrect entries won’t be counted. No purchase necessary. Yadda yadda yadda. Blah blah blah. I’m a person and I do not work with any chocolate companies. I just blog about it. I blog about my day job elsewhere.

Sajad Farid and kemo_2002 have WON!

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49 Responses to Divine White Chocolate with Strawberries & WIN A BAR!

  1. @claireishoop says:

    my favourite summer memories always involve my birthday as i was a summer baby and was lucky enough to have never gone to school or worked on my birthdays (as i was a teacher).

    I am very lucky that we normally go away for my birthday and i love to go to Scotland, to Caithness and go on the beaches and even dip into the cold North Sea, followed by a BBQ or a cream tea. YUM!

  2. Alison says:

    My favourite summer memories are of having a tent in the garden as a kid, it was a fabulous den

  3. jools40 says:

    My favourite summer memory is the long hot summer of 1976, I’d just finished primary school and the holidays seemed to last for ever just hanging out with my friends and playing in the fields.

  4. @psychicsheep says:

    My favourite summer memories are of scout camp, especially the bbq which the guides attended too – I caught a huge spider and had a great laugh chasing the girls with it 🙂

  5. muckymoo1 says:

    Summer memories, omg feels like it was soooo long ago. Love sitting in the garden on a warm (yes, i know, warm) summers evening drinking a glass of Pimms and Lemonade with fresh fruit and chatting with my husband. Roll on Summer!

  6. Robo_Kitten says:

    The best summer memory I have is camping in Algonquin park in Canada when I was… I think 14. I felt like an explorer – kayaking, exploring the forests and looking for the Northern Lights – a very life-affirming experience 🙂

  7. I was lucky enough to grow up on the “Sunshine Coast” in a beautiful little cottage with a wilderness garden. We grew wild blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, I remember getting all excited when I saw the first tiny berries and waiting for them to get big enough to pick- provided I got there before the birds!

  8. Lindy Hine says:

    A strawberry related summer memory – of a teenage summer when I spent my school holidays fruitpicking in Blairgowrie in Perthshire. Fields and fields of strawberries and raspberries to be picked, lovely weather and lots of fun in the evenings! A happy strawberry filled time!

  9. @Tweetnise says:

    My favourite summer memory has to be going to the seaside, eating fish and chips with an ice cream cone afterwards..yum! 🙂

  10. April says:

    My favorite summer memory is going to Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin with my family when I was little, going on the water rides all day and then eating broccoli alfredo pizza afterwards!

  11. busterjames says:

    my best summer memories was way back in 1971 with my first serious girlfriend at the weeley pop festival we saw status quo,bjh,trex, rod stewart and we lived on chocolate,love and fresh strawberries from ken muir strawberry farm in weeley.just the smell of a strawberry brings it all back !!!!

  12. prwilson says:

    I remember the summers of my childhood where six weeks went on forever and the weather was always warm and sunny, and there was always ice cream, lots of ice cream.

  13. vcoxee says:

    My favourite summer memories were I spent my childhood with my grand-dad every summer looking after his farm animals, growing fruits & vegetables and then cooking with them 🙂 No wonder why I still spend so much time in the garden and kitchen, my two favourite rooms 🙂

  14. mummy24 says:

    my favourite summer memory is our first family holiday last year. Days out at the farm and the zoo and lots of picnics, pure bliss!

  15. coversnail says:

    Isn’t it strange that all memories of childhood are always sunny ones? Love just remember carefree days with no stress!

  16. moneypenny99 says:

    My favourite summer memories were spent with my grandparents at their smallholding in Wales – always sunny I seem to remember !

  17. Rebecca Matthews says:

    When i was 14 I went on a all girl camp which was fun but in the next field there was a tent full of hot boys about the same age. We told them about a midnight hike we would be doing so they decided to try and scare us by jumping out as we hiked through the woods. The only thing was the group was split in two as we were playing wide games and they jumped out on the other group. I never did come clean and the other group we so scared! Oh to b young!

  18. StarrMagenta says:

    My fav childhood memory of summer is getting my first bike and learning to ride it. It was bright yellow and called a “Bobo” and my dad taught me how to ride it. Remembering how he did it is how I knew how to teach my own children to ride their bikes. That moment when they shout “Are you still holding on?!” and you say yes when you actually let go moments earlier and you just know they’ve got it…………….and then they realise too and they wobble with fright! I loved my bikes, thank you dad x

  19. slbhill says:

    Summer memories… Picking strawberries from teh garden and eating them dipped in sugar 🙂

  20. Katerpillar says:

    Summer reminds me of strawberry picking, my favourite

  21. Jo says:

    My favourite memory is having our meals outside in the long summer holidays.

  22. Michelle says:

    ooooh the wrapping of the Divine chocolate with strawberries reminds me of a Bedouin tent, all warm and sultry.

    I’m sure any summer memory I have would have been improved by the indulgence of white chocolate with strawberries 😉

  23. purpleshoes says:

    going to the beach on a lovely suuny day…. only for it to start pouring with rain!

  24. kemo_2002 says:

    my fav memory is running through corn fields when i was about 6 with my best friend jack! the days where you could go any where!

  25. kemo_2002 says:

    tweeted for extra entry @kemo_2002

  26. angiesandhu says:

    Whenever summer arrives, we look forward to the delicious British strawberries and have with clotted cream-yummy! forget the silly Wimbledon portions we have huge bowls of the stuff!!

  27. BabbityBee says:

    I’m liking, following and have shared and retweeted! The divine chocolate is wonderful – I’ve only tried the milk choc and the white choc though (without the strawberries). My local coffee shop sells them and the bars always go down well with my latte. I’d love to try the white and strawberry though – reminds me of tennis and the summer months!

  28. gemma henshaw says:

    my favourte summer memory is being able to escape from school for 6 weeks and being able to go to the seaside and eat fish and chips and lots and lots of ice cream!

  29. twinklenicci says:

    my fave summer memory is when i was 17 we went to a concert and spent all day sat in the sun watching music at the american adventure theme park.it was ace and got a lovely tan x

    tweeted @twinklenicci

  30. Peak says:

    I have great memories of a three week camping holiday in France when I was about sixteen years old. Oh to be young again!

  31. Allan says:

    favourite memory – birdwatching on Leckhampton Hill on a nice sunny day.

  32. Jane says:

    My favourite memories are from summer holidays and childhood stays in the countryside with my grandparents.

  33. JoJo says:

    My favourite summer memory was playing at my friends farm for hours and hours. We’d make dens, run around the fields, watch the cows being milked and generally just spend time being kids!

  34. egcomps says:

    I loved the summer holidays when I was a child in the 1970’s. I remember riding my bike for hours on end, only coming home when I was hungry. I remember also meeting my friends for games of tennis.

  35. proctors says:

    Favourite summer memory is of my birthday parties in August, filled with friends drinking Pimms, eating birthday cake, and the sight of all those people I liked spilling through my house and out over my garden, which was filled with heavily scented roses and lilies. Bliss!

  36. Chia says:

    Favourite summer memory would have to be the times with my friends and families before coming back to the UK for studies.

  37. Nicole says:

    Loved to go strawberry picking in the summers!

  38. Nicola B says:

    My favourite summer memory is of going fruit picking at the farm near my nan´s house in Derbyshire. It was one strawberry for me, one for the basket. The harvest that we actually paid for was made into lovely jam by my nan.

  39. chelbo1239 says:

    My favourite summer memory was organising a party for the first time!

  40. Rushy21 says:

    my summer memories are of me and my two best friends when we were younger playing down the old railway line behind our houses and swimming in the river there on a hot summers day ! And our mums going mad when they realised we’d been swimming in it! But that didn’t stop us going the next day as soon as we got home from school and all through the holidays! Those were happy times!

  41. Kate P says:

    My favourite summer memory is going fruit picking on the fruit farms with my family. We’d start off picking peas (of which a few may have been eaten), then usually gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries (all of which had to be sampled) and finally would go and pick basketfulls of strawberries. Of course, these had to be sampled too, but my sister and I would end up feeling sick after eating so many strawberries… and would have to hide the juice that had run down our clothes when we went to pay! Whoops!

    We always found room for an ice-cream from the van in the carpark though!

    Have tweeted as @yummymumto2

  42. flyingdutchman says:

    Somewhat appropriately a summer memory that comes to mind was the day of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer’s wedding.

    I recall playing in the paddling pool in the garden on a hot day (remember them?). Doubtless ice poles were abundant and sugary refreshment was plentiful.

    As has the love of the royals, the pool is no longer and I’ll be avoiding the forthcoming procedings with zeal.

  43. Lakshmi says:

    I used to have a fabulous paddling pool, and on a hot summer’s day, my Mum would fill it up, and all the kids from the estate would come round and we would play in it until dinner time.

  44. Choclette says:

    Childhood is my favourite summer memory – the sun never seemed to stop shining!

  45. @SPOOGYWOOGY says:

    My favourit summer memory was when I was 11 years old. It was a long hot summer day with a bright blue sky and my friends and I spent it rolling dowm a grassy hill till we were dizzy and when we were exhausted we lay back on the hill and tried to work out what each cloud looked like. It was one of the best days of my life.

  46. staci_jane says:

    My greatest summer memory is going to wells next to the sea in norfolk. we used to stay on the campsite in our caravan, walk the dogs in the woods and on the beach, and go crabbing of the harbour wall, whilst eating a pot of cockles. yummy!

    I now live by the sea in cornwall, still enjoy crabbing of the harbour wall, and i stills loves me cockles!!!!

  47. karen s says:

    My favourite summer memories are cycling and walking out in the countryside with my boyfriend, or simply being able to relax out in the garden on a balmy summer evening reading a book

  48. vicks2374 says:

    Summer BBQ with friend, sunshine and music, strawberries and cream with shavings of dark chocolate to end a perfect meal

  49. slinky says:

    lying in the grass, looking up at the sky, listening to bees buzzing and birds tweeting

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