Cacao Sampaka Arabica Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar Review

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cacao sampaka boxTwo dark chocolate slabs unmarred by anything but the logo is in a clear plastic bag inside the beautiful box. This is one sexy box. Black box, smooth lines, beautiful image of coffee beans and beautiful design. Just absolutely beautiful.

I opened the box and the coffee infused chocolate slabs in the bag needed to be cut open, so carefully sealed in their box were they. Lovely. This all natural flavour bar slides our in a single sexy movement. Unfortunately this is where the sexiness ends.

The chocolate is grainy and not because of the coffee. There is the distinct taste of crystallised sugar not mixed in to the chocolate and the chocolate itself has a slightly burnt edge though whether the beans were burnt or whether the coffee was burnt is difficult to say. This is likely something some will love – those who prefer a little bit of a rougher edge – maybe something more aggressive than me.

cacao sampaka barsThe sexiness of the packaging and poured chocolate was let down for me by the chocolate itself. I was really looking forward to trying this bar and I love coffee chocolate but I just feel like the bar just isn’t quite right for me. It is too bitter, too harsh and the granular sugar and very tiny coffee granules in the bar just aren’t quite the sexy of the box for me.

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