Coffee Kisses Espresso Cookies Recipe

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coffee kissesThese beauties swing both ways – awesome on their own and amazing with this solid buttercream filling. My husband always offers to help me bake when I make them whereas usually he just disappears from the kitchen and retreats to his office. I suppose that must mean he likes them.

These are great as espresso cookies on their own or add buttercream to make them coffee kisses. We tried coffee in the buttercream and it was a bit too much.

coffee kisses ingredientsCoffee Kisses Espresso Cookies Ingredients:

175g self-rising flour
100g caster sugar
100g unsalted butter which is still cold & diced
1 tbsp instant espresso
1 medium egg

Buttercream Ingredients:

75g softened unsalted butter
150g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla extract or 4 teaspoons high quality cocoa powder like Askinosie

coffee cookiesMethod:

Preheat the oven to 170°C unless you have a fan oven like me 160°C.

Sift the flour and sugar together in a mixing bowl.

Add the butter cubes and rub into the flour mixture until the mixture looks like fine crumbs.

Dissolve the coffee in 1 teaspoon of boiling water and set aside to cool slightly.

Beat the egg until frothy then add the cooled coffee into the egg and beat more.

Add the egg and espresso mix to the bowl and stir into the mixture until it comes together in a wet ball of dough.

Divide the dough into 16 25g balls and arrange them onto 2 baking trays well apart as they will spread and flatten.

Bake for 12 – 15minutes. As these are already brown, look for the tell-tale darker browning around the edge to see that they are done.

While the espresso cookies are cooling, to turn them into kisses whip the softened butter then mix in carefully the icing sugar and vanilla extract before adding the cocoa powder.

Now ice one of the bottoms of one of the cookies generously and stick a second cookie to that one – instant kisses!

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5 Responses to Coffee Kisses Espresso Cookies Recipe

  1. Laura says:

    Oh these look and sound divine and not to tricky to make either, thanks so much for sharing

    laura x

    • Judith Lewis says:

      Thanks! I usually try and make things as easy as possible (top tip: don’t use Betty Crocker icing to make a gingerbread house – it doesn’t work)

  2. I always like a sandwich cookie and coffee ones always seem more sophisticated. Great for passing round after dinner!

  3. Ooh these cookies are totally lush and although I don’t drink coffee I do like cakes and biscuits made with it – one to bookmark:-)

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