Cadbury Keeps Sharing the Joy WIN a Fashionable 2.2kg Chocolate Shoe!

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cadbury bootWith nearly half of the UK (43% – SRSLY!) claiming they’d choose shopping for fancy footwear over playing sports or relaxing with a book (can you blame them?), Cadbury took it upon themselves to open the first ever pop-up Joy Boutique. The boutique showcased a selection of the UK’s most joyous footwear, each masterfully created by the Cadbury food artist. Prudence Staite has dedicated 860 hours carefully hand-sculpting each chocolate shoe for this one-off display. Yes, you read that correctly EIGHT HUNDRED AND SIXTY HOURS OF WORK IN CHOCOLATE! And they are SOLID – no hollow shoes. These things weigh a hefty amount including the 2.2kg masssive boot I’m giving away thanks to Cadbury!

With celebrity fashionista, Myleene Klass opening the Joy Boutique, the one-off pop up went down a storm with over 1000 people walking through its doors over the two day period. Sadly, it is now closed but YOU now have the chance to win one of the chocolate creations which was available through the shop – GET EXCITED PEOPLE! It’s 2.2kg of solid chocolate and could be coming your way if you’re lucky!

I got the chance to ask Prudence about her involvement in the shop as part of this promotion:

How difficult was it to create so many unique shoes out of chocolate?

It was hard to know where to start, as there are so many types of shoes and everyone has different tastes, so we did a lot of research into the various styles of shoes that could potentially work with chocolate. I wanted to cover all sorts of types of shoes from classic men’s Chelsea boots, to strappy sandal heels and even chunky wedge trainers. We did not know how long it would take us to make them all, so we worked day and night to create the chocolate shoe collection. We added zips, buckles, bows, stitching, laces, all made from milk, dark or white chocolate to add life like details. The men’s shoes were one of the harder styles to create, as they needed to have a lot of hand sculpting, to get the shape and soles correct.

What inspired each of the designs – did you model them after your own closet collection?

I love shoes, and have a large collection so I gathered one of all of my shoes together and created a 3-d mood board so we all had real shoes to gather inspiration from and get the shapes right.

I did not want to create designer shoes, I wanted to create our own shoes. I loved the fact that we were able to create leather finish and a suede effect with chocolate. I like spotty bows and buckles and these looked really nice in chocolate too.
Was there a pair you couldn’t bear to part with?

My favourite shoes were the wedge court shoes, and the wedge trainers. I was not sure that the zipped wedge trainer would look nice, as it is certainly nothing I would ever wear myself, but in chocolate with the contrasts of dark, milk and white chocolate, they looked quite good. I also loved the boots with the milk chocolate straps and the edible gold painted buckles; they looked so real. The men’s brogues were also hard to part with as those took a long time to make, as did the platform court shoes with the dark and white chocolate spotty bow, those I would have worn in real shoes too.

Now you’ve done shoes, what’s next – a couture dress perhaps?

I have actually made a lot of chocolate dresses over the last 15 years, and handbags too. My favourite chocolate sculpture to make is something like a life size chocolate sofa, or picnic bench, or replicas of people’s heads. But I also love making smaller sculptures too, so the Cadbury Joy Boutique campaign is perfect for me, it is really rewarding to see people being really excited when they see their favourite thing created in chocolate. I am currently making the first of the sculptures for the lucky winners that have won what brings them joy made out of chocolate. To enter visit

Want to win one of her favourite shoes – one of the boots – just enter using rafflecoptor below and pray to the Cadbury Joyland inhabitants that you win!


I’m giving this away but it was made by Prudence Staite for Cadbury.

To enter through the blog (required), leave a comment of *MORE THAN TEN WORDS IN LENGTH* talking about your favourite shoes and why they are your favourite. For example, my favourite shows were my black ballerina shoes because they were flat but comfortable, classic and stylish but so comfortable. I miss them so much!

You can gain additional entries by also following me on Twitter, liking my FB page, following me on Instagram or tweeting the special message: “I’ve entered to win a solid chocolate boot by @cadburyUK from @MostlyAboutChoc – and you can too at”

You’ll be able to enter until Thursday at whatever point Rafflecoptor pulls the plug (I hope sometime around midnight but in what time zone I have no idea).

The rules:
1.The competition will finish on Saturday 12th July 2014 at Noon London time.
2.The selection of winner will be selected by Rafflecopter and verified by hand to ensure entry complies.
3.Only available to UK mainland addresses.
4.No cash alternative available.
5.I reserve the right to exclude entries that I feel are inappropriate (for example, change the tweet or do not leave the minimum 10 words) or are not in the spirit of the competition.
6.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else and will not be kept in any way.
7.I reserve the right to remove entries that I believe aren’t human created or are an attempt to gain an unfair advantage such as automated entries.
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64 Responses to Cadbury Keeps Sharing the Joy WIN a Fashionable 2.2kg Chocolate Shoe!

  1. Don’t laugh but my favourite shoes are my crocs – which I only wear to potter around in the garden I might add – but they are so comfy and handy to just pop on.

  2. Harmony M says:

    I’d say my favourite shoes would be my converses as they are very practical and have also been with me through a lot 🙂

  3. Lisa J says:

    I love my black boots – so practical and fabulous for hiding my feet in when I can’t be bothered to re-paint my toenails!

  4. William Gould says:

    I love my Reebok trainers – so comfy! My wife loves heels, but spends most of her leisure time in a pair of Clarks flat sandals, or Doc Marten shoes in the winter!

  5. Tracey Peach says:

    My Favourite shoes are a pair of light grey shoes that have little cut out’s all the way around. They have a small heel which is quiet defined. They are comfortable but very stylish & can be worn for day wear or night wear

  6. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love my pink Ugg boots because they are so cosy and keep my feet extra toasty during the Winter. I’m skinny so feel the cold lots and when my feet get cold, it takes me ages to warm up!

  7. laura banks says:

    that would have to be my black biker boots they are so comfy and you can wear them with anything

  8. Csilla says:

    I’m not particularly fond of shoes. I have a pair of flat, black shoes, a noname brand, but I like them simply because are so comfortable.

  9. Leanne Lunn says:

    I have a pair of peach coloured ballerina style shoes, they are so comfortable I have never found a pair that are as comfortable but they are starting to get a bit tatty now.

  10. Leona S Fisher says:

    My favourite shoes are my blue converse because they look stylish and they are so comfortable to wear!

  11. frances hopkins says:

    Mine are definitely my old wrecked converse, they are just so comfortable

  12. My favourite shoes are my trainers. Really comfy and easy to get on and off

  13. kellyjo walters says:

    My favorite are my red levis boots, they look like cowboy boots, so comfy and stylish, you can wear with scruffy jeans or with a dress.

  14. I have shoes that look exactly like this. But they aren’t made of chocolate unfortunately 🙁

  15. cherie shaw says:

    My favourite shoes are my Ugg boots because they are comfy & keep my feet warm in the winter 🙂

  16. Jackie Allum says:

    My favourite shoes are actually my Sketchers Shape Ups as they have helped me to lose more weight and tone up my legs. Here’s hoping they continue to help with my success.

  17. Pia Stephens says:

    Currently my favorite shoes are my flip flop I bought while in Australia, they’re super soft and don’t create blisters like cheap flips flops do, plus they’re white with blue polka dots and have a little blue bow on the side, very pretty x

  18. cool shoe chocs! not sure I could break it to eat it. So pretty!

  19. Chantele says:

    My fav shoes are probably my black and white brogues, although my blue seaside style ruby shoo shoes are a close second, both are so pretty!

  20. Ian Campbell says:

    Hobnail boots – they’re solid, robust and will NEVER let you down. Boots for all seasons, if you will 🙂

  21. Melissa Red says:

    My favourite are my trainers which are really comfortable when I go running.

  22. tracey says:

    my favorite shoe is my basic canvass flats which i have in many colours which go with all my wardrobe this is due to i am unable to wear heels these days due to an on going back problem

  23. melanie stirling says:

    My favourite shoes are my ultra comforteable sandals,it feels like I’m walking on air and they are pretty too with a flower on the front.

  24. Amy J says:

    My favourite shoes are my brown boots as they are comfortable to wear, waterproof and warm so suitable for most the of year to wear 🙂

  25. Favourite shoes – I’m not a shoe fan any more, they have to be flat, no cute heels for me. Walking is tricky enough without adding extra wobble. So at the moment, it’s the pink fluffy slippers my partner bought me for xmas. Silly and comfy, they make me smile when I wear them.

  26. gaby lovatt says:

    My favourite shoes are my black wedged trainers from Topshop I bought 2 years ago. They are so comfy and make make look a little more average height (i’m 4″10). I will mourn the day they die.

  27. Amy Skinner says:

    My favourite shoes are my black jimmy choos, my nan and grandad bought them for my 21st, they are sentimental, classic and my go to shoe for special occasions

  28. Janice Papworth says:

    My favourite shoes are my Nike trainers as I can walk for miles and miles in them in complete comfort. Countryside hikes to epic shopping trips to theme parks – they go everywhere with me!

  29. Alexandra Blue says:

    my favourite shoes are my woven flat pumps because they look pretty and they’re extremely comfortable

  30. Katie Corr says:

    foldable pumps after fab nights out took up no space!

  31. Katie Corr says:

    my foldable pumps where my FAB favourites after those heavy nights out because they where light+ took up no space! My lifesavers after a night of dancing in heels! (can you please cancel my last entry? i misread the rules 🙁 )

  32. Rachel Collins says:

    My favourite shoes have to be my Uggs. Whenever I feel ill I just want to wear them because they make me feel all cosy and warm inside – rather like chocolate does! Thank you for a lovely giveaway. X

  33. sharon pearson says:

    my shoes are my clarks black leather shoes with a small heel very comfy and stylish too x

  34. liza gardner says:

    My favourite shoes are a manky old pair of flip flops I bought for going on holiday to mexico with and I fell in love. So freaking comfy.. yes I know flip flops suck a little but these are awesome

  35. jodie harvey says:

    My favorite shoes are my skater trainers, im not particularly girly(although they do have pink on 😀 ) they are comfortable and easy to get on and off in a hurry 🙂 they are also the trainer i passed my driving test in as i couldnt drive in any others 🙂

  36. Ali Thorpe says:

    The best shoes I ever had were when I was about seven! A pair of flat, burgundy shoes with a little bow that I fell in love with on sight. Once I started wearing them, everyone would compliment me on them. They truly felt like they were meant for me in every way and now, over 25 years later, I have yet to find a pair that I love quite as much.

  37. Carys Jones says:

    My favourite are a pair of Clarks wedge ankle boots in grey suede. Despite the 3 inch heel they are comfortable enough to walk around in all day and they look great too.

  38. Melanie Mcnair says:

    My favourite shoes aren’t actually shoes but a pair of high heeled black M&S boots I bought ages ago. They’re so comfortable & stylish & can be teamed up with loads of different outfits. Wish I could find another pair!!

  39. Laura Pritchard says:

    I love my pastel green t-bar stilletos – they are timeless, elegant & make my legs look very long!

  40. Angie Hoggett says:

    gold glittery flats with a slight heel and ankle strap, they are so comfortable but look really pretty and glam

  41. Lynn Doe says:

    I love my slippers, no matter what shoes or boots I have been wearing all day, I cant wait to slip into my soft squishy comfy slippers at the end of the day. 🙂

  42. tamsin says:

    I don’t like wearing shoes all that much, however i’m more than happy to eat a chocolate one 😛

  43. Sheri Darby says:

    My favourite shoes are very very comfortable and look good too

  44. Amanda Sandercock says:

    my favourite shoes would be my blue high heels, they have sequines on the heels and make me feel elegant

  45. Jayne K says:

    My favourite shoes are my FitFlop sandals. They’re just so comfortable and great for my dodgy spine too.

  46. Eleanor Powell says:

    My favorite shoes are my strappy black platform heels, incredibly high, they make me feel incredibly sexy and they are comfortable too!

  47. shirley evans says:

    My favourite shoes are 4 inch heels,strappy summer sandals,in pastel pink,cream and pale green,leather straps

  48. Emma Howard says:

    My favourite shoes are my slippers because they are so comfy and are great to relax into at the end of a long day!

  49. Kev C says:

    a pair of very very old slip on trainers, too comfortable to throw out despite the toes hanging out of them!!

  50. bev says:

    Mine aren’t shoes, they’re boots. Big, high, purple boots with buckles, cobwebs and metal plates. I love them because they are so me – if I was to design a pair, I would have designed them! They’re heavy, but worth it!

  51. Kiran Parry says:

    I love my nike trainers because they are wide fitting meaning they are a good fit so I don’t have any problems when wearing them.

  52. Diane Jackson says:

    My favourite shoes are my slippers – they’re so comfy and warm when I put them on after along day on my feet 🙂

  53. Lorraine Polley says:

    i love my red heels that i bought from Coast, they fit perfectly, are comfortable and have make me feel like Dorothy in the wizard of oz

  54. Claire Holtey says:

    My favourite shoes are soft leather ankle boots which are so comfortable and go with so many outfits I wear them too many times – why is it that how ever many pairs you have you reach for the same pair again and again?

  55. Natalie Crossan says:

    I absolutely love my Anna Field tan boots, I wear them all throughout spring, winter and autumn. Bit too clunky for summer but always get comments when I wear them 🙂

  56. Monika S says:

    My favourite are flip flops I purchased about 6 years ago in Egypt, I still wear them and they still look good – amazing what you can get abroad for equivalent of £5

  57. tony houghton says:

    well made, still got them after 32 years great for dancing in

  58. Janet Rumley says:

    My favourite shoes are black suede boots – they look so stylish and match most colours that I want to co-ordinate with.

  59. Val Pownall says:

    My favourite shoes (well, boots) were my grey suede thigh length ones I had in my teens/early twenties! Complete with platform soles! I’ve no idea where they went, but I suspect my mother disposed of them at some point! I doubt I could walk in them now anyway, but I could still look at them & remember the crazy, happy days of youth! – so, if you’re young, wear what you want – be it thigh length boots or 8 inch heels – lifes too short to worry about blisters! 😀

  60. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    I have a pair of FitFlops that I bought when they first came out. I thought they were horrendously expensive for what they were but I was sucked in by the hype that they would effortlessly tone my legs! Six years on and I am still wearing them, they are so comfy. I am, however, still waiting for them to tone my legs!!!

  61. Catherine May says:

    My favourite are my brown brogues. They might not be the most stylish, but they are so comfortable and can be worn with any outfit!

  62. Alison Turner says:

    My favourite shoes are my fitflops as they are so comfortable,your feet stay nice and cool in the sunny weather,you can go anywhere in them whether it’s the beach or an evening out (they are sparkly) and they are good for your feet and legs.

  63. Lydia gough says:

    My favourite shoes are my black sparkly stilhettos they are my old faithful shoes that go with everything and jazz up even the most boring of outfits

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