Baker Days Cake By Post With a Message – Review

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baker days boxIt isn’t easy to post a cake. There are all sorts of logistical concerns that you have to contend with including the inevitable squish factor. This is likely why most companies offer brownies by post like BlueBasil, Lallapolosa, etc. but when I was offered a free cake by post, how could I say no?

The cake comes in a tin in a box. I actually didn’t expect that, nor did I expect the bag of candles, balloons and party whistle thing as well as the card and tin. It’s like a party in a box and that is exactly what it is intended to be. How much fun would it be to receive this cake? Also, you can have any picture and message with the printing on the marzipan. While I don’t eat marzipan cake coverings, I know they are brilliantly versatile.

baker days image cakeSo not knowing what I’d get, I cut into the “Keep Calm, Keep Karma and Carry On” cake (I don’t know if this is a standard message but I have no clue what it means so if someone could enlighten me I’d appreciate it – it felt a bit like a mistake) I noticed it was a chocolate sponge with chunks of white chocolate. So it was genuinely a cake and it was a sponge cake – not a giant brownie pretending to be a cake (for a moment I had hoped that was exactly what it was – a giant brownie).

baker days cakeWhat was the cake like? Well, it was OK but that isn’t really the focus, is it? We aren’t looking for haute couture here – we’re looking for a cake that arrives intact (which it did), is edible(which it was) and is a memorable gift (which it most certainly is). I think that as a bit of fun this is just a brilliant gift and the fact that you can post a *cake* I think is just amazing. I had all sorts wizzing through my mind when they offered it and what came was a pleasant surprise. This is bound to be appreciated.

Baker Days cakes are available to order online.

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