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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in to Adam and Eve chocolates in Toronto. For sure I expected chocolate novelties of the type one finds in Ann Summers. What I didn’t expect was to find a serious chocolate shop run by someone passionate about creating high quality chocolate with interesting flavours and gelato that melted in the mouth.

Adam and Eve chocolates are situated a walk away from Wellesley subway on the heart of the gay village in Toronto. Set back from the street, they have a wonderful outdoor area just outside their front door. There is a tree and a quaint hand painted sign which does not prepare you for what you find inside.

For more than any other reason, visit Adam and Eve for the luscious chocolate gelato. This has to be the best chocolate gelato I have ever tried. Smooth, flavourful, delightfully well-balanced – this gelato is an absolute must-try!

Walk in the door and the distinctive smell of Callebaut chocolate wafts out mixed with delightful hints of exotic ingredients. The smiling lady behind the counter is well versed in her chocolates and helps me brilliantly until it becomes obvious from my note-taking that I am no ordinary punter and after perhaps the sixth or seventh question about their chocolate which she handles beautifully, she calls one of the owners down who is later joined by the master chocolate maker himself.

The passion for chocolate is clear with this pair as it is in every inch of the shop. The passion is expressed in the desire to be creative with the fillings and create something divine. It seems unfair in the face of such dedicated passion and effort to give it anything but a glowing review. Indeed had the chocolate used as a base been better I am sure I would have been absolutely raving in my review.

As chocolate goes, this is good stuff. It isn’t great, but it is good. The signature chocolate is robust in flavour with an interesting mix. The old favourites are mixed with new imaginative flavours and the experimentation and boundary pushing is clear. This is a chocolate shop with a desire to be different and to stand out and they do. Their chocolate would stand out even more if they chose to depart from their existing use of Callebaut and moved to something like Valrhona or Amedei. The base chocolate is what lets the flavour down.

The effort here is stunning and the care taken is extreme and the love they have for chocolate is evident in everything from the heart shaped chocolate boxes – perfect for a gift – through to the fractal chocolate they carry. This is a shop for people passionate about chocolate. I recommend it to people who are not as picky as I am about the quality of the chocolate they eat. It is good quality chocolate and well worth the visit.

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