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Chocolate in the city of Amsterdam. It really doesn’t get much more indulgent than that. Chocolate is a pleasure that few enjoy to the fullest with too many chocolate makers resporting to a pre-made chocolate for their base and building their flavours off that already inferior chocolate.

I’m passionate about chocolate. To me, chocolate is a symphony of flavours in the mouth. You can both enjoy the singular flavour of the entire orchestra at once or concentrate on enjoying each individual component.

I am not, though, a fan of the Belgian style of putting sweet cream in the middle of thick chocolate so I get goo all over my face. They also tend to be too sweet for me. Nothing against them – lots of people love Belgian chocolate. I just prefer the French style of doing things.

Upon entering this chocolate shop, you are immediately aware of a big difference between this one and others – there is a big glass wall separating the main shop with the chocolate producing area. You can watch the chocolate being made. You know the chocolates will be unique and not made elsewhere and shipped in because you can watch the magic happen. Just because you can watch the magic, doesn’t mean the result is any good.

Imagine my surprise when I liked the Belgian stylings of Van Soest chocolates in Amsterdam. They are in the Belgian style for fillings but a more French approach to the outside (no, I’m not an expert. I just notice trends and generalise a lot). The more bitter, thin outside combined beautifully with the cream inside to take the extreme sweetness out of the equation, leaving a delicious taste in my mouth.

The port chocolate was a particular delight, with a subtle but distinctive flavour.

In addition to the truffles were excellent chocolate beans, revealing the subtle distinctiveness of the chocolate as well as the fullness of the flavour.

One particular favourite were the chocolate coated almonds. Eschewing the common tendency to either make the chocolate coating too thick or caramelise them, this was a balance between roasted almonds, chocolate and cocoa powder.

I highly recommend trying the chocolates here but don’t buy too many. They are rich in flavour and as a result, you can only eat a few before being satisfied.

Van Soest is readily accessible from tram route 4 in a lovely location near a bridge over a canal. Take some time and enjoy your chocolate!

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