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On reflection now, I cannot say how cold it was, only that I was standing and shivering. It was an experience, that, and unassociated with any trauma despite the heat of the day having registered at 33 Celsius. I was shivering and rubbing my cold arms as I stared ahead and slightly down. There was method to the madness of shivering and yet not moving and it was quite simple – chocolate.

Truffles of the chocolate variety had captivated the whole of my attention and demanded more, promising things beyond my wildest imagination like Pimms, Mango, strawberry champagne cocktail and espresso. The delicate dusting of gold, the brush of bronze, the drizzle of cucumber and strawberry, all lightly caressed the darkness which enrobed the seductive interior like a lover embracing his partner one last time before parting forever. Intense and a struggle to part, the truffles merged their flavours and yet remained distinct entities – chocolate and filling.

Beyond the chilled interior of the shop was more yet to come. The chocolate, coming up to a warmer temperature, would be a whole new experience we were promised. I can attest to that. The most pleasure I have ever experienced in a chocolate was a freshly made truffle. The centre had, of course, been prepared earlier but I will never forget the flavour. Each day that passes I mourn that I may never again experience the like. That was at Pierre Marcolini and those who took over the shop – Luento Santoro made me fall in love with Indonesia. The chocolate truffle from Indonesia to be exact. I love the flavour of that chocolate encompassing a delicious ganache filling like a gentle fruit flavour that intensified the natural flavour of the mild chocolate.

I have gone to a few chocolate tastings and each has given me something new to think about. I think I’m almost comfortable when I taste tobacco now but I’m still unsure of leather. I did enjoy the 100% chocolate bar though few others did and was well honoured to get to try the criollo bar which is a rare delicacy. Each taught me even more about chocolate and I hope I’ll be able to pass that along as well. I’m so often asked for chocolate advice now I had better start talking like a professional 😉

Paul A Young fine chocolates have gained notoriety in part through education and in part through celebrity. Paul himself has appeared on TV and was most recently involved in “The Apprentice” where while his creations were highest rated on taste, they were apparently not cheap and mass-market enough for Sir Alan Sugar who seems happier with a Costco model. His shop is tucked away down Camden Passage, not far from one of the LondonSEO pub locations and he has a second one in the city. Perfect for corporate events, the tasting evenings require a minimum of 8 people, a maximum of 12 people and can be the chocolate experience, chocolate and whiskey, chocolate and wine and chocolate and cheese. I’m hoping someone will gift me one of each frankly 😀

This is not your cheap eat a ton with lots of sugar and fat chocolate. Paul takes great pride in the fact that he uses the highest quality ingredients and creates the best quality chocolate possible. That also means you don’t eat as much, the flavour lasts in your mouth for longer and therefore you don’t crave moore and feel full longer. That’s it, I’m starting the chocolate diet tomorrow!

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