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I went to a Galler chocolate tasting event at the Galler concession deep inside Harrods where we tried a small number of their chocolates. Mostly, we were introduced to Galler’s wide range of solid chocolate bars. The bars vary in flavour from a milk chocolate through to a very tasty dark chocolate.

When tasting Galler chocolate, they asked us to not pay as much attention to the cocoa content as the flavor. They asked us to not allow our perception of the chocolate to be coloured by our awareness of cocoa content. This proved to be excellent advice as Galler has higher cocoa content, enabling the flavour of the bean to come through.

Tucked away at the back of the chocolate hall – or the front depending on how you enter it – the Galler chocolate counter can too easily be lost in the cacophony of chocolates assaulting your senses. Make sure you find it though because there’s lots to recommend it! With a unique set of flavours divided into themes, this chocolate is delicate and quite pleasant. It’s going to be different from anything you’ll find elsewhere and you’ll be appreciated no matter what you select. The easiest option rather than be overwhelmed by the selection is to go for a themed box.

The Galler Kaori box is going to make you the star of any party with a selection of very different flavours you can eat alone or dip in to another flavour to enjoy. I had the opportunity to sample this at my leisure along with a few chocolates and I can report back that while not all of the box of Kaori was quite to my taste, things that I did not think were to my taste were not as bad as I thought. The balance is well done here and the Kalamansi can be used like glue so dip your stick in there before your choice of Orange and Cocoa Nibs or Matcha Green Tea and Poppy Seeds power to coat the outside. It did take some getting used to but for a gift or at a party, this would be superb.

While we did sample most of the chocolate bars we ran out of time to try much else as Harrods was closing! Of the few chocolates I sampled, the white was predictably sweet but the dark pleasantly mild. There was not as much body to the dark as I have become used to but hey – I did enjoy it nonetheless. The milk was too sweet for me but many people will find this the perfect milk chocolate as it mirrors more closely the oily flavour and sweetness many expect in a milk chocolate.

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