Auberge du Chocolat Filled Chocolates Review

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Clearly passionate about chocolate, and glowing with pride over their sons creations, the Auberge du Chocolat folk were at the “Chocolate Unwrapped” event displaying their brand new range of boutique chocolates. I love seeing people get excited about chocolate and these folks seemed to be enthusing everyone who walked by with their love of fine chocolate.

The focus here, rather than on the quality of the chocolate, was the filling. More than once I’ve had a chocolate maker justify the lower quality chocolate being used by claiming that they wanted the filling to speak more clearly than the chocolate. I don’t agree but I couldn’t help but hope that this would be the case, so excited were these people. The young man in question had won an award for an Amadei truffle so quality was looking encouraging.

The chocolates I was given included one made with goats milk, a unique addition to the chocolate making process which they felt not only made their chocolates unique, but added an additional flavour element. This made a dairy free range available which meant that for the first time, a creamy chocolate was available to people who were dairy free.

The chocolate itself was good. It was somewhat flat but it had to balance off the interiors which were lovely. The care and attention paid to the different flavours was interesting. The range of flavours created which did balance was impressive. The range does not challenge as some do, but there is the occasional interesting flavour combination in chocolate (rosemary & thyme comes to mind).

If you find yourself by one of their shops, I suggest popping in as this chocolate is a treat. I rate it below Paul A Young but above Neuhaus. Go on now, get yourself some for the holidays!

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