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A collection of recipes of mainly stuff I have made

gooey fudgy deeply chocolaty brownies

Gooey Fudgy Deeply Chocolaty Brownies Recipe

These amazing brownies are some I freestyled one day and they came out brilliantly perfectly. Deeply fudgy and absolutely perfect when made with quality chocolate like Original Beans Wild Beni chocolate. Makes 25 brownies (ish) Ingredients: 250g unsalted butter 250g dark chocolate like Original ...

snowflake cake

Cadbury Snowflake Cake by Francais Quinn Winner GBBO

I've not made this and I can't imagine trying this. I've been rewatching the GBBO and I now remember how fancy everything Francais did was and I can never hope to get anywhere near her but some of you might ...

lindt mini cupcakes

Lindt Mini Cupcakes Recipe

Sometimes I get sent recipes from brands along with a few items in order to get me to blog them. Frankly, anything that doesn’t involve me spending £50 in ingredients and 2 – 3 days of my time in recipe ...

Cadbury Pebbles Crushed Boulder Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a modification of a recipe I use for other cupcakes. I added 6 Pebbles for the top of the cupcakes but the colour did melt so just be aware of that. They still tasted delicious! Makes 6 cupcakes What ...

pebbles cookies

Cadbury Pebbles Rockin Drop Cookies

  These cookies are lower in sugar than some I have made in the past like my fav chocolate chip ones, but they are delicious and with the chopped up Cadbury Pebbles they ass a bit of sweetness. Just a word ...

Nespresso Pave of Bitter Chocolate with Burnt Orange and Ristretto Coffee

Nespresso Pave of Bitter Chocolate with Burnt Orange and Ristretto Coffee

I was sent this recipe by Nespresso and I can’t make it (there’s too much going on and I’m too clumsy) so I’m hoping one you, my intrepid readers, will make it and post in the comments how it went! Preparation ...

Billington Triple Sweet Truffles from Paul A Young – Limited Edition Truffles & Recipe

Billington Triple Sweet Truffles from Paul A Young – Limited Edition Truffles & Recipe

Billington’s unrefined sugar has partnered with leading chocolatier, Paul A Young, to create an innovative and indulgent treat; the limited edition Billington’s Triple Sweet Truffles. Theses delightfully tasty truffles are available from Paul A Young’s London-based stores and make an ...

death by chocolate cocktail

Bacardi Oakheart & Death By Chocolate Cocktail Recipe

With all the holiday parties and gatherings, there are a lot of cocktail recipe searches happening but the problem is, some people then don’t take the time to search out the right spirit for the job. While I love slow ...

Clas Ohlson Praline

Clas Ohlson Praline & Ganache Truffle Making Kit plus Earl Grey Truffles Recipe

There’s something about getting shiny new kitchen equipment that just fills you with a certain type of joy. That gleaming metal, those foil containers for your finished product, all that potential all tied up in plastic wrapped and boxed items ...

easy chocolate truffles recipe

Easy Chocolate Truffles Recipe

These chocolate truffles are the easiest to make as they do not involve heating anything but they do need to be kept chilled until gifting and have a very short "shelf life". I also published this over on the Good ...

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