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A collection of recipes of mainly stuff I have made

melting middle cupcakes recipe

Melting Middle Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes have a surprise inside – a lovely melted chunk of chocolate. They are best eaten warm otherwise the middle is just a single large chocolate chip ;-) which is no bad thing :-) These are some of the ...

Double Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

The blog post in which I revisit the first time I tried to bake again because ... I'm not co-ordinated. I am not a baker by nature. When I was younger, mind, I was quite a dab hand at baking but I’ve ...

ramekin cookies finished

Ramekin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

There's something about a ramekin that melts me - I always associate them with Gu. It's probably why I keep buying them 10 years after they launched - because of the amazing puddings in the keepsake ramekins. I have so ...

toblerone cupcakes

Toblerone Topped Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes can be made with the Toblerone on top or get creative and chop them roughly and add them straight into the mix.  These cupcakes are nice and light and full of air. Ingredients: 115g butter at room temperature 115g caster sugar 2 ...

Double-chocolate filled panettone

Double-chocolate filled panettone by @carluccios – Panettone ripieno al doppio cioccolato

You can brush the panettone slices with a rum syrup before assembly, if you like and really most of us would like ;-) Enjoy this twist on a traditional panettone and make your guests green with envy. This can also ...

Chocolate Brownie Pudding with Salted Caramel and Toffee Pecans

Recipe from @paul_a_young Chocolate Brownie Pudding with Salted Caramel and Toffee Pecans

Originally created by Emma Thompson and is from 'Sensational Chocolate' with recipes from Paul a Young and celebrity contributors in aid of the Children’s Air Ambulance. Clearview Books £20. This time of the year is often cold and dark so creating a delicious ...

chococo Black Forest Ganache Tart

Recipe from @chococotweet for Black Forest Ganache Tart

For a showstopper that doesn't involve any baking, this is hard to beat. Chococo the chocolate experts have created this amazing recipe that requires no baking at all. You will just need to give yourself enough time to make all ...

From #MarketStreet Perfect @morrisons Sparkling Peppermint Biscuits Recipe

From #MarketStreet Perfect @morrisons Sparkling Peppermint Biscuits Recipe

Looking for an edible gift? These sparkling peppermint biscuits are perfect as a festive gift or just to stock up the biscuit tin. There's something magical in the simplicity of this delightful recipe from Morrisons and it doesn't have to be ...

red velvet white chocolate layer cake

Red Velvet & White Chocolate Layer Cake With White Chocolate Ganache Frosting by @LakelandUK

Layer cakes are easy to make and yet impressive. While we've not gone for the full on cherpumple pie in a cake here, the equally impressive four layers in this cake will make everyone ooooo and aaaaah when it is ...

asda xmas mousse

Choc au Vin Mousse from James Martin’s Christmas Recipes for @asda

Great to make ahead of time, this rich red wine and chocolate pud is strictly for the grown-ups. Of course if you'd like to make this suitable for non-adults or for those who have chosen to not consume alcohol for ...

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