Zotter Tigernut and Tangerine

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Zotter Tigernut TangerineSomehow “Tigernut and Tangerine” sounds less sexy than “Erdmandeln mit Mandarinen” but the painting on the front of the bar is fantastic.  There is a certain mystique to Zotter bard and this was one of the thick ones that had the thick lovely weird interior.

Actually compared to other bars I had heard of it was pretty tame.  But not knowing what “tigernut” was made it a bit scary.  Slightly scary too was the texture.  There is a combination of smooth and hard, tart and sweet.  The balance of flavours and textures is very interesting.

Zotter Tigernut Tangerine barI can’t say anything stands out for me in the flavour of the bars.  Perhaps I’m obsessing a little to much on the pieces that remind me of the bits you get in popcorn.  Or when you get to the bottom of a cup of tea with the limescale.  Not that it has a flavour specifically.  I’m sensual though and this particular sense isn’t quite my cup of tea.

However the interplay of tart and sweet, smooth and not and the gentle flavour of the two tastes coming together was not bad at all.  Nothing scary or challenging in there.  Smooth filling (mostly) with an interplay of flavours and textures but without an aggressive or challenging flavour.  Different combination and well worth experimenting with!

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