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xox trufflesWalking in San Francisco is thirsty business so what is a chocolate blogger to do but find the nearest chocolate shop and crab a coffee and some truffles. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Cacao Barry was the chocolate used in Xox Truffles

These truffles are fresh made and stored in a fridge so you can select whatever you want. This shop maintains a bohemian atmosphere and one of an amateur outfit while still displaying clippings of excellence. The shop has been around for years and years and the chocolates have won accolades all their own.

The caramel truffle was unexpected with a sweet orange/yellow almost solid filling. It was very sweet and slightly outside what I expected. While not unpleasant I have to admit it wasn’t probably the best truffle to start with.

The chocolate was as you would expect being Cacao Barry and so you’re really looking at the innovation in fillings here. While not outstanding by my really difficult standards they are exceedingly delightful and I would bring them as a dinner gift for sure as I know no matter what I chose they would be loved.

I guess that is also part of my criticism – there is nothing really outstanding in these flavours and while not offensive they are not exciting. Each flavour is ok but doesn’t stand out. They are inoffensive and not aggressive and sometimes I want Kahlua to taste alcoholic and coffee.

Even the coffee crunch didn’t crunch – or taste too much of coffee. There was just a lack of a flavour that really shone. Perhaps it was my selection, perhaps it was the day, perhaps it was the batch – it could be anything really but when chocolates are stored together in a large fridge like that, it could also be storage.

While these are really good and probably gold medal winners given other chocolate I have eaten and I would absolutely bring them to dinner, I’d prefer a stronger, slightly more aggressive flavour I think 😉 Still, I’d really suggest popping by when in San Francisco as it is well worth it!

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