James Chocolates Easter Firecracker Egg

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james firecracker egg boxThe smell of the dark chocolate and the look of the egg is lovely. The dark chocolate has the heat of chilli and the popping candy is just thick in there. The heat of the chilli does overwhelm the flavour of the chocolate and the popping candy does too a bit but you know what – this is fun.

james firecracker eggThis is a fun egg. It is relatively thick and – oh look at that – it’s an EXPLODING egg too! I’m the kind of person who presses along the seam to get a clean break and in this case the egg was thick enough all over that it eventually exploded 🙂 That makes it all the easier to eat! This egg is a lot of fun and while perhaps not Soma, it is enjoyable and might make someone smile as they are surprised with the popping candy.

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