James Chocolates Caramel, Vanilla & Seasalt Spot Egg

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james vanilla chocolate egg boxMmmm… milk chocolate and toffee bits. Easter should be about sweet sugary things and this toffee egg is just about the right amount of sweet to ensure your kids (or self) go stratospheric. While there is sea salt in there and occasionally it comes through distinctly, this is all about the sweet milk chocolate and the central thick chunk of chocolate with toffee bits.

james vanilla chocolate eggThis is a small, perfectly formed milk chocolate egg. As you eat the milk chocolate, the crunchy bits are salt I think but also possibly something sweet. This is just a ton of fun. It is too sweet for me but I’m absolutely sure that on Easter morning when someone sees this cute little egg I believe that they will do what I did – break into it and eat it with gleeful abandon!

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