WIN Lindt Chocolate and Wine to Pair it With

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Lindt Chocolate and WineSo you want to pair wine and chocolate and you’re not sure what with what? Well, Lindt have some up with a handy pack that makes it easy!

Included in the Lindt chocolate and wine tasting pairing pack is:

2X Excellence dark 70% Cocoa mini (1 square individually wrapped)
2X Excellence dark 85% Cocoa
2X Excellence dark Orange intense
2X Excellence dark Sea salt
2X Excellence dark mint
2X Excellence Extra creamy milk

In terms of the mini bottles of wine, we have a Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc – this will be paired with Mint Intense and Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet – this will be paired with 85% Cocoa.

You want this, don’t you? I’m thinking a night in, some friends and a lot of Lindt chocolate and a *LOT* of wine – I’m sure your friends will contribute as well *hic*!Nothing quite like discovering the perfect pairing of chocolate and wine and you *CAN* get this at Chocolate Unwrapped IN PERSON (we have special discount tickets available HERE) or from us and Lindy mailed to you!

Well, leave a comment below with a poem about Lindt chocolate or wine or both Lindt Chocolate and Wine and make sure you’re subscribed to the mailing list. This is alcohol and it is heavy so I’m afraid it is for shipping in the UK only.

The rules:
1.The competition will finish at noon GMT on Wednesday 17th October 2012.
2.The selection of winner will be based on originality of poem for blog comments and membership of the mailing list
3.Only available to UK addresses.
4.No cash alternative available.
5.I reserve the right to exclude entries that I feel are inappropriate or not in the spirit of the competition. No pornographic poems please.
6.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else except the agency for Lindt who are providing this amazing gift and will be sending it to you directly.
7.I reserve the right to remove entries that I believe aren’t human created or are an attempt to gain an unfair advantage such as automated entries.

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49 Responses to WIN Lindt Chocolate and Wine to Pair it With

  1. Dee Dmonte says:

    Chocolate and and fine wine, is the way I like to dine,
    I know I should eat me veg but proffer living on the edge!
    Life is stressful but so don’t wince and whine,
    Just eat up your chocolate,
    And drink up your wine!

  2. Alan says:

    I love to eat Lindt chocolate – it’s always on my mind
    And when it’s with the one I love ,that’s happiness combined
    But when you add some wine with it I feel I’ve got to say
    You’ve reached the heights of Excellence and really made my day !!!

  3. Alison says:

    AA cold dark night,
    what could be more of a delight,
    Than chocolate and wine,
    please make it mine,
    I’d snuggle under a nice warm rug,
    feeling warm and rather smug,
    So happy I would be,
    if this was on its way to me



  4. ann carline says:

    Chocolate and wine are so devine
    and alone in a bubble bath they are mine all mine

  5. Emma Baker says:

    chocolate chocolate where art thou

  6. Cas Philip says:

    When feeling low
    It’s down I go
    To the bottom shelf of the fridge.
    To hunt and find
    The bottle of great wine
    That makes me feel so fine.

    And then there’s a cry,
    “You’ve left me behind”
    And my hand reaches out once more.
    I head for the door.
    Snuggle up on the sofa and under a throw
    Me, the chocolate and wine go.

  7. jillv says:

    Lindt chocolate and wine is simply sublime
    Mostly about chocolate makes heavenly reading time
    Orange intense, sea salt and mint,
    Please let me win and let it be Lindt! 🙂

  8. tammy tollefsen says:

    Orange intense – now that makes sense.
    And the dark chocolate mint, perfected by Lindt.
    The creamy milk, tastes just like silk.
    Taste of Sea Salt – now there’s an interesting thought.
    And finally cocoa, tasting of exotic places – like Acapolco…..

    Lindt are divine, but will the prize be mine?……..

  9. Karen says:

    After a tough week at work, what could be better,
    Than a bit of chocolate on the sofa and a cuddle,
    I can think of something else her husband could get her,
    As large a glass of wine as possible to ease away the trouble!

  10. Tracey Belcher says:

    In the garden of Eden when Adam met Eve
    An Apple was the culprit, we are led to believe
    But my theory is it would take more than this
    To destroy the Eden’s immaculate bliss

    Lindt Chocolate my friends is what it would take
    For promises untold for Eve to break
    Washed down with a bottle of the finest wine
    A combination so blissful and divine

    Woman know when they succumb to temptation
    Mostlyaboutchocolate is the ultimate creation
    With a glass of wine thrown in for good measure
    There may be secrets never told but always to treasure

  11. two weaknesses I have are so suited to each other
    I love chocs and wine especially Sauvignon Blanc
    but it gets me in all sorts of bother.
    see im supposed to be good and losing some weight
    after pigging out when all inclusive
    but i just cant do it, so i’ll scoff it quick
    before her-indoors gets abusive!!

  12. Chris Davies says:

    Lindt Chocolat and Wine
    Who’d ever thought they would combine

    To create a product so delightful
    That will make me both happy and full.

    There’s only one way to stop this desire
    To get my hands on this pairing, and lift my senses higher.

  13. ashleigh says:

    Fancy some chocolate, it has to be lindt
    Why not try chocolate infused with some mint
    It has to be accompanied by a bottle of wine
    Sauvignon Blanc, crisp, fresh and mine

    Next up is the ultimate treat
    85% cocoa, not too sweet
    Full bodied chocolate enjoy with a red
    Shiraz Cabernet, right before bed

    Flavours of Blackberry, pepper and plums
    What a great night, spent with good chums!

  14. Christine Johnson says:

    There’s nothing as fine as a glass of wine
    Put the taste buds to the test and sit back and rest
    Chocolates to fill your belly and maybe some telly

  15. beverley thwaites says:

    It’s cold and its gloomy
    The nights are getting long
    I go to work in darkness
    and I never see the sun

    At night I curl up on the sofa
    and watch trashy TV
    My evening would be better
    If I won some wine for free!


  16. Lisa Waugh says:

    I’m drunk,
    and in a flunk.
    I know typing while inebriated may not be the best idea,
    I drank some wine and can’t see clear
    Sorry about my rhyming scheme,
    to win wine and chocolate would be a dream.
    But sentences seem to flow so clearly,
    while under the influence of wine, no really!
    So I wonder if it really is something I should refrain from.
    but something to be mostly clear on.
    With wine and Lindt in my diet I will promise to keep quiet!

  17. emma kinsey says:

    i love chocolate and wine
    my favourite things of all time
    chocolate makes me feel so happy
    too much wine can make you go wacky
    so please please please let me win
    so i can have a good chin chin

  18. Rebecca says:

    C is for creamy – that melt in the mouth taste,
    H is for hiccups – when drinking with too much haste!
    O is for oh my! (Do I really want to share?)
    C is for companions (The ones who are always there!)
    O is for obviously this prize is just for me 😉
    L is for luxurious – the best that there can be,
    A is for alluring – I always want some more!
    T is for taste sensation – 10/10 perfect score,
    E is for everyone’s ideal night in
    Lindt and Jacob’s Creek – to not love them would be a sin 🙂

  19. Pauline Rendell says:

    If the sea were made of chocolate and the sky was made of wine
    My sofa would be heaven and the evening just devine
    My tastebuds would hit overload and I’d sink into the sea
    The heavenly taste of chocolate washing over me.
    I’d raise a glass to every cloud
    and wish it would pour down
    Rose, Red or White
    Wine and Chocolate make everything right.
    And after a long hard day
    it’s got to be Lindt excellence all the way!

  20. maureen moss says:

    A box of Black and White
    for Orange and Green
    coated in chocolate dark with sheen
    plus extra creamy, salt for a change
    you really cannot beat this range.

    I have always enjoyed Lindt chocolate and paired with Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc and Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet this sounds like a winning combination

  21. Katherine Gregory says:

    Lovely Lindt and wicked wine
    are the only way to pass the time.
    From the fruits of trees, I’m sure you’ll see
    They’re the only ‘5 a day’ I need!

  22. kristy brown says:

    When the door slams shut
    And the rain pours down
    The grey seems total
    It makes you feel down

    But don’t let it beat you
    Just grab a chilled glass
    And call on your friends
    whilst you settle down

    They bring the choccies
    You’ll pour the wine
    And soon you will see
    that your friends make you shine

    So never give up
    And if you feel down
    Then Lindt will come through
    And make you feel fine!

  23. Bob Davison says:

    For an excellent night in,
    Snuggle up with a nice glass of vin,
    put your favourite film on the box,
    and tuck into a nice box of chocs,
    For a handy hint, best make it Lindt!

  24. Louise Hutchings says:

    Rich and dark or light and smooth, Chocolate gets me in the mood.
    Its true that it’s my favourite food;
    Sneaked at midnight or shared with friends,
    Chocolate is something on which I can depend.
    The smell as I open a brand new bar,
    I am already sad knowing that it won’t go far.
    My first bar I never forgot,
    As you can tell, I love chocolate a LOT!!

  25. Jan says:

    A Lindt chocolate feast
    When succoured with wine
    Makes a palate much pleased
    All tastes savoured sublime
    With rich essence released
    Expect fulfilment – divine!

  26. mark milsom says:

    Chocolate with wine,
    How utterly devine,
    Forget the posh dinner,
    I’ll be a solo sinner,
    All gone? i’ll buy more Lindt,
    Don’t care if it makes me skint !!!

  27. Eleanor Powell says:

    What an exquisite experience
    It really would be
    To win some wine and chocolate
    All for me!

    That gorgeous Lindt taste
    I really could not share
    With a little glass of wine
    To wash away my cares

    A little piece of heaven
    within every little taste
    One thing is certain
    Nothing would go to waste!

  28. Rach says:

    I saw the webpage, it made me shiver
    Pair chocolate and wine and I’m always a-quiver.
    A poem is needed, but I’m crap at rhyme
    Oh but if I win, what a fine time!
    Creamy, dreamy Lindt chocolate
    And fabulous wine, how I want the lot.
    So here’s my best effort, I hope you’re delighted
    And if I win I’ll be thoroughly overexcited.

  29. Rach says:

    Suddenly thought maybe I shouldn’t say c*** – here’s a different version:

    I saw the webpage, it made me shiver
    Pair chocolate and wine and I’m always a-quiver.
    A poem is needed, but I’m rubbish at rhyme
    Oh but if I win, what a fine time!
    Creamy, dreamy Lindt chocolate
    And fabulous wine, how I want the lot.
    So here’s my best effort, I hope you’re delighted
    And if I win I’ll be thoroughly overexcited.

  30. Mrs Sarah Williams says:

    Lindt intense chocolate,
    Too mouthwatering to share with a mate,
    Fabulous fine wine,
    That would make us feel define,
    Cool Harvest or Jacobs Creek,
    Would make a splendid week.

  31. Lisa James says:

    When a woman is feeling down,
    And crying all the time,
    The only thing to pick her up,
    is some chocolates and fine wine.

    The 2 go together like Ant & Dec,
    They’re very rarely apart,
    And always there in times of need,
    And to mend that broken heart.

    I hope that you’ve found this poem
    magnificent and sublime,
    I hope that i can be your winner,
    And eat Lindt chocolates 7 drink the wine

  32. Linda Guest says:

    Jacobs Creek and Lindt
    Really are mint
    And I’m sure I’d find
    My friends really would not mind
    To share this excellent booty
    It really is their duty
    Because alone would get fat
    And I seriously do not want that
    So although I know I could eat it all
    With friends I would share and have a ball.
    Lindt and Jacob Creek come here to us
    We would party on without a fuss.
    Have a laugh with your excellent brand
    But hubbies would be totally BANNED

  33. June Gaynor says:

    Lindt chocolate and wine are the perfect combination.
    With flavours so divine, Lindt’s a choccy taste sensation.

  34. emma furniss says:

    Desparately seeking a mate,
    Wine plucked up the ‘bottle’ to date.
    He met Lindt in a ‘bar’,
    And heard she’d ‘bean’ far,
    So the duo stepped up to the plate!

  35. Sylvia Witham says:

    The smooth melting sensation
    Means nothing goes to waste
    Lindt is made with finest beans
    With distinctive texture and taste
    Complimented with a sip of wine
    And good company to share
    Lindt will always win the day
    And brush away all care

  36. Hazel Rea says:

    Some are connoisseurs of wine,
    Some are experts on art,
    Some can grade top diamonds,
    But chocolate is close to my heart.
    I’m not even slightly famous –
    I don’t have that showbiz spark,
    But I’ve got a useful talent because
    I once recognized Lindt in the dark!

  37. Hayley Todd says:

    When the evening is cold and dark,
    I know that Lindt Chocolates and sensational wine,
    Are all I need to light the spark,
    That make the long winter nights become sublime!

  38. tracey gibbons says:

    Lindt Chocolate is so devine
    best to have with a glass of wine
    This chocolate is not to share
    take my Lindt if you dare
    lots of different flavours
    which one will you savour
    go grab yourself a bar or two
    sit down, relax this is just for you

  39. Beverley says:

    Is there anything more delightful,
    Than a fresh crisp-sheeted bed,
    With a heap of soft cool pillows,
    On which to rest one’s head?

    The door locked, the privacy assured,
    So the Lindt can come out to play,
    A glass of chilled, smooth white wine,
    To wind down the stressful day,

    A good book in hand is a must,
    To make the bliss complete,
    A snuggly quilt to hibernate in,
    Hot water bottle for the feet,

    A square of Lindt on the tongue,
    Melting – a moment to savour,
    Complemented by a sip of wine,
    The perfect marriage of flavour,

    I don’t ask for much from life,
    But once a week I insist,
    On my special relaxing night,
    A book–wine-Lindt tryst!

  40. Stewart Green says:

    I wish I was a poet
    but fortunatly I dont know it
    one thing I know for sure
    Lindt Chocolate is sumptuously pure
    they go with a lovely bottle or two of wine
    one thing I use to say to the children they are all mine

  41. sue willshee says:

    I love a bit of choccie,
    and adore a glass of wine,
    but friendships can get rocky
    when I’m expected to share mine

    I like Lindt chocolate with a cuppa
    and wine with crackers or cheese
    but wine and chocolate together?
    now that’s really the bees knees!

  42. sian hallewell says:

    Fa, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum!
    I smell Lindt,
    So here I come.
    Be it dark or be it light,
    It will surely make my night.

  43. Mel K says:

    I love of chocolate
    I love a bit of win
    And when some’s in the house
    It’s MINE all MINE

  44. marie says:

    50 Shades of Lindt
    50 Tastes of Wine
    Just think it could all be mine

  45. lindsey PHILPOT says:

    I love to eat Lindt chocolate
    The taste is oh so fine
    I love to eat Lindt chocolate
    With a bit of wine
    I eat it in the morning (sometimes with the wine)
    I eat it at lunch time ( Still sober a plus sign)
    I eat it after dinner (by this time I am drunk)
    And I eat it in the night (In the wine with a dunk)
    I must stop eating Lindt chocolate
    And wine at the same time
    But I love it and I cannot stop
    Surely it’s no crime!

  46. natalie holland says:

    Weary, weak, slow, flow time,
    dreaming of cool, white, crisp, wine.
    End of the day,
    Children in bed,
    need something special to soothe my head.
    In the fridge in shines,
    my alcoholic shrine,
    Next to it, within reach, a tempting treat.
    Lindt chocolate: so creamy, rich, smooth,
    envelope around me…devour my mood.

  47. Becky Downey says:

    Lindt chocolate, so good to EAT,
    Deliciously dairy, goes down a TREAT!
    So excellently CHOCO-block
    For me it’s always cocoa o’CLOCK,
    BAR none they’re my perfect milk tray,
    Especially matched with an aPEELing Cabernet!

  48. Beverley says:

    Some great poems – I always knew chocolate lovers were creatively brilliant! x

  49. Rachael Lines says:

    Lindt is a treat just for me,
    I hide if from my family,
    Lock the bathroom door, glass of wine.. or four..
    Soaked in bubbles, delights descreetly!

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