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Well, Christmas is over, New Year is about to come. Al the tins of chocolates have been scoffed and the new year still has yet to make an appearance. The Christmas lights go off soon, leaving long nights without much cheer.

Here at the Mostly About Chocolate blog we’re all about bringing happiness and excitement to people’s lives and that’s why we’re giving away ALL THIS CHOCOLATE!

masses of chocolate

Yep, that’s right, I’m paying the postage and sending this anywhere in the UK the winner happens to be (sorry international folk, the postage costs me more than the chocolate is worth!) and I will draw the winner the day after Twelfth Night!

So between now and January 5 make sure to enter the competition with a comment (as per instructions below) and once done you can tweet and follow the blog on Facebook. Raffle Copter handles all the details so I hope you’ll indulge in entering this competition for all the pictured chocolate and more!


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3.Only available to UK mainland addresses.
4.No cash alternative available.
5.I reserve the right to exclude entries that I feel are inappropriate (for example, change the tweet or do not leave the minimum 10 words) or are not in the spirit of the competition.
6.Your details won’t be passed onto anyone else and will not be kept in any way.
7.I reserve the right to remove entries that I believe aren’t human created or are an attempt to gain an unfair advantage such as automated entries.
8.You have 8 days to respond to my email after which point I will choose someone else to win.

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253 Responses to WIN All This Chocolate and More To Beat January Blues

  1. Julie Davies says:

    My funniest memory was on holiday in Florida when we were accosted by the Minions Characters at Universal Studios just after we had been on the ride, so funny

  2. frances hopkins says:

    I don’t really remembered anything in particular, but my son who’s 12 constantly has me in tears with laughter, with the things he says

  3. laura banks says:

    it has to be taking my 10 year old on his first holiday abroad and him hyperventilating into his sick bag as the plane was taking off and me covering his eyes as it turned out he actually was faking it

  4. Hazel Christopher says:

    Sitting in the Drs waiting room with my little boy he dropped a book he was playing with, I reached down to get it causing the leather seat to creak – at this my son announces rather loudly “MUMMY FARTED”, I wanted the ground to swallow me up!

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    My daughter asked the doctor: do black people have black bones?

  6. Sharon rice says:

    My funniest moment has to be on holiday my husband had to get on stage and 2 of our 3 children ran away with embarrassment, when he won they all ran back for the prize though x

  7. Tracy Hanley says:

    On holiday with my granddaughter we went to a theme park to see elmo , the smile on her face was priceless, she had her photo take with him and he was tickling her , everyone was just laughing it was so cute

  8. kellyjo walters says:

    I can#’t remember any specifics but one time when out walking my 3 dogs one of them was running so fast he did the splits right into the biggest puddle ever and did a proper splash, poor baby

  9. Tracey Peach says:

    the funniest thing that happened in 2013 was at Christmas when my Mum passed a present to me & said you can take the top back if it dosen’t fit. Now that does not sound funny at all when writing it, but it was one of those you had to be there moments!

  10. Claire C says:

    my boyfriend likes to prat about when he is getting a delivery, on one delivery he put that his name was ‘professor’ instead of ‘mr’ the delivery guy came to the door and was like wow does a professor live here!? i had to shatter his dreams and tell him it was my OH being an idiot 😀

  11. Jo Jones says:

    The funniest thing of 2013 was my little 2 year old Granddaughters reaction to being told the burglar alarm sensors were Santas way of watching to see if she was being good, & every time they went red he was looking to see what she was doing. Her behaviour was wonderful, and she kept waving, smiling & saying sorry Santa if she did anything a little naughty. Result!!

  12. Megan A says:

    My funniest moment of 2013 was my partner asking for a ‘6 foot’ sub at Subway. I’ve never laughed so much!

  13. jenny morgan says:

    my other half asking the butcher f they have any catchcock chickens and the butcher replied no but we do have some a spatchcock laughed so much

  14. Alana Walker says:

    Funniest thing was when I saw an advert with Jean Claude van Damme where he was doing the splits between 2 lorries. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing after I saw it!

  15. Sharon Griffin says:

    me and my family travelled across to Brittany on the overnight ferry and my son chose the top bunk in the cabin to sleep in. In the morning i asked him if he had slept okay and he replied, ” yeah it was okay but i had trouble turning over in the bed as the straps were quite tight… he had only gone and strapped himself into the bed thinking the straps were to hold him in ( it was quite choppy but not that choppy !! ) he didn`t realise the straps were only to hold the mattress and bedding in place when the bed was up against the wall. It made us laugh so much at the time, very amusing story to tell for years to come i reckon 🙂 x

  16. sue hodges says:

    there’s not a specific memory – however whenever I go out with a certain group of friends there is always lots of laughter.

  17. William Gould says:

    Nothing really stand out funny for me, but a pretty good year all round I would say!

  18. Val Swift says:

    I can’t remember anything specific but my two children always have me in fits of laughter, even if they don’t mean to.

  19. my funniest moment was spending an hour looking for my glasses when my mum asked me what i was looking for i replied i’m looking for my glasses otherwise i can’t hear the television properly that wasn’t the worst bit i had them on my head all the time.( oh my! a very senior moment for me)

  20. Richard Randall says:

    Every day is funny since we got of rescue dog a few months ago.

  21. Stephen Russell says:

    Reading all the articles on X-Factor speculating on who was going to win, (as if anyone watching had any say in it) Then hearing that this years winner got on the show without Auditioning via a friend of Simon Cowell

  22. Mark Finch says:

    When one of my kids fell over carrying a try of paints, they looked like a rainbow sitting on the floor. Oh for a camera!

  23. Kiran Parry says:

    It has to be on holidays when there was no where to put a rubbish bag and my father happens to fall over the bag and cut is foot on the corned beef tin. It was funny afterwards with the way he hoped back to the chair.

  24. Chris J says:

    Watching one of our pet cats use his scratching post as a pole dancers pole. Pity we did not video it as it was hilarious!

  25. Ali Thorpe says:

    The funniest memory I have is of watching our then tiny puppy spending ages trying to carry a three foot long cardboard tube through the doorway. When we eventually helped her, she was so happy and waggy and wiggly, we were all in stitches.


    My daughter reared an orphan chick and it liked to sit on her shoulder and comb her hair with its beak. Later in the year when it was established in the main chicken pen and fully grown, my daughter visited after an absence and straight away this fully grown chicken flew up to sit on her shoulder to comb her hair! Every time she went out in the garden! It was so funny!

  27. Andrew Petrie says:

    I bombarded my friend’s facebook page with Wonga loan adverts.He got so fed up he unfriended me.

  28. Julia Marsh says:

    My funniest moment of 2013 was having a day off of work and finding the joys of youtube videos – hours of constant laughter – laughing babies, talking dogs, funny cats.. what mroe could I ask for!

  29. Nikki Hilton says:

    my fumiest memory of 2013 is having No funny memories at all!

  30. Tom G says:

    Funniest 2013 moment was when I saw my son taking his two cats for a walk on leads while we were on holiday in France

  31. tracy steer says:

    funniest moment has to be when the fishtank cracked and the fish on the carpet. they were saved xx

  32. Chris Smyth says:

    Tough to think of anything in particular but always good fun at tennis tournaments with odd moments that are entertaining!

  33. Helen Atkins says:

    Funniest thing was when my son started school, when i picked him up he thought id left him. It took him at least a month to realise it was supposed enjoy it.

  34. Chris davies says:

    My chocolate Labrador likes to lie on her back in front of the fire and expression on her fac as if she is grinning always makes me smile

  35. Debi says:

    The Argos blue alien ads, got to be the best ads ever.

  36. Tammy Tudor says:

    When we had to a trip to a theme park and got lost and was driving around for hours, we can laugh now!

  37. Jackie ONeill says:

    watching my brother doing his wedding dance! Now known as the ‘lead shoe shuffle’. Poor guy spent weeks at dance lessons with his bride who is a fabulous dancer whilst he is not!

  38. Choclette says:

    Not sure if it was the funniest moment, but I sure smiled a lot. Sitting on the train home on my last day at work just before Christmas – I COULD NOT wipe the smile of my face.

  39. Emma Nixon says:

    At the zoo. I was walking through the lemur enclosure not realising there were big birds roaming free..
    I got trapped in one of the walk through tunnels by a wandering emu one end and a peacock patrolling the other end. Being a big scaredy cat I could not pluck up the courage to run past and was trapped for a while. Much to the amusement of my friend. I saw the funny side of it later…

  40. Jodie C says:

    My mum is going deaf, probably not a nice thing to say but the things she thinks I said is so funny. Best unheard one has got to be.
    Mum do you want a cup of tea? Do I want to have a pee, why the hell are you asking me that if I need the toilet I can go myself!

  41. Maya Russell says:

    Christmas Eve I got our huge turkey out, ready to prepare. My five year old daughter asked me what it was. I explained that it was a bird which was rather like a large chicken. She thought for a bit, looked at the turkey and said “Well, where’s the beak?”

  42. Michael Williams says:

    The funniest moment and it’s one which will stay with us and continue to make us all smile for years to come was to do with the prize recently won by my wife in a local raffle. We have 6 children (the youngest 5 and the eldest 19) and can count on one hand the number of times we have gone out other than for work on our own over the years. Also I should also point out that although we had entered many we had never previously won a competition or raffle prize. Our 4 teenage children were attending an event where a raffle my wife had entered was being drawn so naturally when my wife’s ticket came out first they were asked to choose the prize on behalf of my wife. News reached my wife that she had won 1st prize in the raffle and we sat together in eager anticipation awaiting the kids return wondering which of the top prizes the kids would have chosen. My wife raced to the door to greet the kids on their return home. Had they chosen the overnight stay in a luxury hotel, or the 3 course meal for 2 at a top restaurant, the case of wine or the spa day? It was when a snowman soft toy was handed to her that I realised what a great actress my wife of 20 years and mum to our 6 children must be, telling the kids what a great choice they had made. Later we learned that although the raffle organisers tried to get the kids to take one of the higher value prizes they insisted on the soft toy their rationale being that Mum & Dad never go out and don’t drink that much. After sharing a good laugh, after the children went to bed we concluded that should we ever win anything again it would probably be best to choose the prize ourselves. Meanwhile we smile at each other every time we look at the snowman and suspect we always will.

  43. warren light says:

    My funniest moment of 2013 was playing pool for our local team, the week before xmas we all hired xmas customes, reindeer, santa, elves etc and played the game wearing these

  44. liz denial says:

    On Boxing day my sister was feeding my great niece who was sat on her great grandma’s knee. Just as she put a mouthful of raspberry yoghurt & cereal in the baby’s mouth Olivia-Rae sneezed right in my sister’s face & pebble-dashed her. I was rolling on the floor laughing

  45. Ang Broadbridge says:

    My daughter and I visited a local farm and got to hold a chicken, I was so terrified that I let it flap away but it got into the face of the lady next to us who started screaming hysterically, I wanted the ground to swallow me up but laughed for days afterwards!

  46. Victoria N says:

    Watching my 6 month old daughter trying to lift the cuddly bunny doorstop from her bedroom floor and not understanding why she couldn’t and why it was so heavy!

  47. Kavey says:

    I’m not sure I giggled at the time but when a friend asked if I’d broken any mirrors lately, I had to concede it was funny. In the last fortnight, we’ve been picked up by an ambulance when Pete had heart pains (all fine), I’ve broken my thumb the day before a family holiday to Norway (resulting in us having to cancel) and this morning I fell out of bed onto the floor, knocking my head on the bedside table but luckily avoiding further damage to the thumb. If I win, I’d like to give you my niece’s address, as I have a sufficient chocolate stash for myself. x

  48. Catherine Whittall says:

    My funniest memory of 2013 has got to be our secret santa at work, our gifts were completely outrageous and rude but we had such a laugh opening them all

  49. maria blythin says:

    my funniest memory is when my little one had just turned 5 and we were going the zoo, i said to her just say you are 4 so i can get you in free as it was free under 5,s , well the minute we got to the gate she said my mum has told me im to say im 4 but really im 5 you know she is so naughty to lie and is trying to get out of paying, omg i was mortified lol, she is 20 now and still hasnt changed lol

  50. Stuart Harper says:

    My funniest memory was on Christmas Day when Dad managed to make one of his sprouts fly off his plate. Everyone was in fits of laughter.

  51. JoJo Young says:

    It was from just a few days ago when we were tobogganing in Switzerland and seeing my husband totally wipe out in front of me. He was fine and we all couldn’t stop laughing!!

  52. emma falvi says:

    my godson shay asked me if god’s surname is sake, as he heard for god’s sake

  53. anthony harrington says:

    racing to get to the maternity hospital for the birth of our Grandson, over 150 mile trip, sat nav took us to the back of the hospitalswhere the bins were stored! not funny at the time but mad us smile since.

  54. Su Tyler says:

    At our oldest sons wedding they were being photographed signing the register with their 2yr old on his lap. Grandson picked up the pen and scribbled on the register.
    We were all shocked thinking he’d ruined the register… the Registrar then said not to worry as the book they have photos with is a ‘dummy’ book. The real one is never used for photos.. PHEW>>>

  55. graham Brigden says:

    My funniest moment was when updating to Windows 8.1 from 7, the ssd failed and the IT manager had to restart again.

  56. Hannah ONeill says:

    Walking down the garden path and falling straight over on the icy slabs

  57. Caroline says:

    Watching old black and white movies this Christmas – My children turn to me and ask if the world was black and white when I was little. I’m only 30! 🙁

  58. Paul Wilson says:

    After buying loads of toys for my cats, seeing them rolling around inside a cardboard box, having the time of their lives.

  59. ashleigh says:

    I have lots of funny memories of my children saying funny things ! I cant think of a specific one just now but most days they do funny things!

  60. Holly S says:

    On a cruise holiday in the Baltic in August: our ship nearly mowed down a little tourist ship because it wouldn’t get out of the way! Sounds dodgy but seriously looked hilarious, everyone on deck was chuckling!

  61. Rena Plumridge says:

    My boys running into my bedroom on Xmas morning wearing reindeer antlers and the younger boy shouted out ‘ look mum we’re chickens’!

  62. lorraine stone says:

    Cruel but funny – out visiting his Mum, my hubby banged his head twice in one day. Once on a low beam at the hotel. My hubby is rather tall. Then on the same afternoon coming around a corner he banged it off an open garage door! I know you shouldn’t but I couldn’t stop laughing … if I will I will let him have first pick!

  63. Meryl Rees says:

    My funniest memory of 2012 was our school production of The Sound of Music. The reception class were dressed up as puppets for The Lonely Goatherd song and we had a mixture of exuberant puppets, nose picking puppets, sleepy puppets and ‘waving to mummy’ puppets! Very funny!

  64. Paul Tucker says:

    When I went outside to put some rubbish into the dustbin I stood inside the bin to squash the rubbish down for more room when suddenly the bin toppled over with me inside and I ended up rolling in the bin with just my legs sticking out.

  65. Zoe Adey says:

    My son saying to a girl “what’s your name” girl replies “amber” to which he then replies “like the traffic lights” 🙂

  66. Louise Comb says:

    Seeing Reginald D Hunter in York. He is one gut-achingly funny man, and soooo clever. It was like listening to a sermon – but without being ruined by bringing religion into it 🙂

  67. Tracey Belcher says:

    Sometimes laughter just happens and where it comes from is not important. My son starting laughing over something that was so trivial I really cannot recall what it was but his laughter continued and was contagious that we all laughed so hard we had tears and stitches but I cannot tell you what started the laughter 🙂

  68. Thomas Clode says:

    Many funny moments spent around the campfire whilst volunteering on a game reserve in Botswana

  69. Stacey Carnell says:

    When leaving work I accidently sat in the passenger side of the car waiting………………………………… it wasn’t my Mum in the drivers seat – awks – my partner is still laughing at this and I will never live this down :/

  70. Jen Rogers says:

    My husband complaining there was no meat on the turkey. He was carving it upside down!

  71. Aneesah says:

    My sister fell down all the stairs becuase she was being too lazy to walk down them properly! Best moment of the year hahahahahahahahaha!

  72. Louise Smith says:

    I had asked my 5 year old daughter to put her pyjamas on 3 times without any success, so
    I told her if she didn’t do it by the time I counted to 3 she would not get a biscuit with her bedtime milk, to which she replied “Mummy, don’t mess with the dress!” I was laughing too much to be cross with her. When I asked her where she had heard that, she said Barbie says it in the Three Musketeers.
    And I thought Barbie was supposed to be perfect!

  73. Danielle woodman says:

    My funniest moment was walking into my living room and seeing my brother and youngest son, tops off dancing to gangnam style, haven’t laughed so much in a very long time.

  74. tony allan says:

    Watching my drunk best friend trying to chat up an attractive lady

  75. Tamsin Dean says:

    Out on a walk with my two dogs, one of them bolled me over , I wnet flying and I had a skirt on and everyone got a view.

  76. Monika Suchonska says:

    When my then 11 weeks daughter had a prolonged loud fart in a busy supermarket and when people started turning their heads my other half said out loud to me ” How could you Mon?”

  77. Kayleigh White says:

    Well, I was lucky enough to visit New York City in June 2013. It was beautiful, hot and very different to the UK. The day before we were due to fly home, we decided to visit the Empire State Building. Taxis were a nightmare to flag down, so we decided to walk. Imagine, 30*c so we were dressed in light clothing! next thing it starts to rain heavily. Ten minutes into our walk we were absolutely soaked to the skin, then the sun came out. Literally minutes later we were none dry again.

    Now, we eventually get to the Empire State Building, go through security and head to the top. There I am posing for a picture, and just as my dad presses the shutter, an opportunistic pigeon decides to poop on me! I was left more than refaced and have the pictures to prove it!

  78. laura jayne bates says:

    daughter crying hard because she got 1d tickets for xmas

  79. Your collage of wrappers looks just like my book cover! Have you read Chocolatour yet? Dying to hear your reaction. Happy New Year to you, Judith! Hope to see you again soon.

  80. Anne Hawley says:

    my mum walking straight into the closed patio door and managing not to spill a drop of coffee! (She wasn’t hurt, although her pride took a knock!!)

  81. clair dutton says:

    when i went to a water park in greece and went down the slide before the water had been turned on. had to push myself down

  82. Carrie Ashton says:

    My youngest Harry (he was 3 at time), went swimming with me and he accidentally swallowed some of the water – he pulled his face and went “yuck, needs blackcurrant. Can they put some Ribena in here mummy? It will taste nicer and we can be like Barney” The thought of swimming in Ribena and everyone coming out purple like Barney the dinosaur – I couldn’t stop laughing!

  83. julie laing says:

    Nothing really comes to mind but we got 3 kittens this year and they never fail to make us laugh

  84. Jessica Powell says:

    Trying (and failing) to catch hold of one of our pet chickens who was making an escape bid – as all our neighbours watched on over the garden fence!

  85. Lindy Hine says:

    My mother-in-law telling us she fancied a Pagoda in her back garden – she meant a pergola for her climbing roses to grow on!

  86. Ruth Harwood says:

    Funniest memory is meeting and eating with the people on a coach trip we went on in the summer – we were there for sad reasons (I couldn’t fly as my lung had collapsed) but I gave my son a brilliant holiday thanks to those wonderful people, some of whom had their own sad causes for not being on a sun and sand holiday. It was the best and funniest holiday I’ve ever had 😀

  87. Angie Hoggett says:

    Going on holiday with my mum we decided to stay in a lodge with a hot tub. One night we were in the hot tub and the neighbours dog came bounding up to see me, I made a fuss of him and then he went off on his way. About 10 minutes later I had moved over the other side of the hot tub when the dog came back and because he couldn’t reach me he jumped in, water went splashing all over, it was so funny but the neighbour wasn’t too pleased when his wet dog went flying into back into his lodge and shook his wet fur all over!!

  88. Sylvia Witham says:

    I was sitting on a chair and my husband was perching on the arm of it. I got up and turned round to see him landing on the floor. I laughed so much then

  89. Helen milner says:

    Funniest moment was telling my daughter a wasp flew up her skirt in the garden, she ran round screaming stripping off as she went !!!!

  90. Rebecca Fullard says:

    I can’t say that I have a funniest moment of 2013. there hasn’t been much to laugh at!

  91. Michael Scoates says:

    Funniest moment was placing some C4 explosives at the top of some stairs to a train station in Grand Theft Auto V, then explicitly telling my pursuing enemy “Don’t come up the stairs! I’m giving you a chance here. I’m at the top and you want to kill me, but… it won’t work out that way, trust me.”

    He came up the stairs anyway so I flicked the switch and blew him back down the stairs again. This was about the 10th time in a row that I’d killed this player, and every single time he fell for it, whether it was a ‘I wouldn’t climb up that ladder if I were you’ or ‘I wouldn’t drive down that road if I were you’ etc., each time I was able to set off the relevant booby trap or get an easy sniper shot. So by the 10th time I was crying with laughter.

    He’s now on my friends list and we still have fun to this day 🙂

  92. Maggie Coates says:

    I cannot recall anything really funny happening in real life in 2013. Lots of laughs from things that I read online, but nothing happened to me that springs to mind.

  93. vicky M says:

    We went ice-skating yesterday and we laughed so hard everytime one of us fell over. It was fun!


    Managing to fall flat on my face whilst on holiday – stone cold sober!

  95. Amanda Mallows says:

    My funniest moment of 2013 was watching my Dad pour chocolate sauce all over his dinner thinking it was gravy 😀

  96. Alice B says:

    I think the funniest moment for everyone else was my most embarrassing moment when I accidently called my partner ‘mum’ in front of all my work colleagues. They still haven’t stopped laughing about it.

  97. Hayley says:

    My cat getting stuck up at the top of the christmas tree! More funny now than it was at the time!

  98. Claire Holtey says:

    I know it is cruel to laugh, but my OH insisted on lying down whilst out on a walk in the Highlands to get a better photo and he got bitten by an adder! Luckily his jacket protected him from the worse but he had an aching arm for a week or so and all he got from me and our friends was teasing about his photography.


    my funniest…………….so many to chose from…………….maybe my grandson trying to get his arm in the yard long Jaffa Cake box trying to to extricate the next packet ha ha

  100. Tracy says:

    My mother in law phoning AOL to tell them that her radio was not working, she meant WIRELESS network. Or maybe the time she thought buying a memory foam pillow would improve her memory!!!

  101. faye huntington says:

    playing a ridiculous game of dares with many family members and relatives – it became hilarious!!with love, faye xx

  102. Kathryn Tatters says:

    My funniest time was probably just after my daughter was born! hearing the stories from my husband and mam about what I was saying during labour and having flashacks! soo funny!

  103. Ruth Longville says:

    Watching my Retriever puppy chew a Tangfastic and spit it out in disgust!

  104. justine meyer says:

    watching my husbands false tooth fall out when he was talking to his mother-in-law!

  105. Nikki Stewart says:

    My funniest moment was when my husband managed to persuade his Granny & Grandad (both in their 70s) to have a shot of the bouncy castle we had hired. Even getting them on to the thing was hilarious and I still giggle about it now when I think about it lol

  106. melanie stirling says:

    My niece and nephew are always doing impressions of me and always making me laugh.

  107. Isabelle Smith says:

    got so drunk and ended up having a food fight

  108. Daddybear says:

    The funniest thing I can think of is stretching an elastic bungie (the type used to tie things down on a roof rack) to keep some tools secure in the back of the car, only the other end came off – hit me in the mouth and knocked two of my teeth out. Well it’s funny now 🙂

  109. joanne newbould says:

    my funniest time was when my daughter and i was in the cafe when my 4 year old said at the top of his voice mummy why does milk come from your boobs for my baby brother

  110. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Inventing a new Knock knock mosquito joke. They are all the funnier because half the family don’t get it at all, and just sigh and roll their eyes when we start

  111. katie skeoch says:

    My Christmas night with the girls was the funniest night in a while. One of my friends was wearing shoulder pads and we would only refer to her as Dynasty for the rest of the night…you had to be there…

  112. Patricia Edwards says:

    Me and another neighbour had the task of looking after the people opposite’s chickens. Collecting eggs was okay, but having to put them into the coop at night was another matter. The cockerel was very aggressive and took exception to us, I can still remember the sight of him chasing my neighbour around the garden. She did get bitten on the leg so perhaps I shouldn’t have laughed so much!

  113. cheryl lovell says:

    The funniest moment was when my husband had caught a fish that he had been after for a while, however, when he was trying to reel it in, a barge went past and took his other rod! he had to put the fish back and run down the bank to get his rod back!

  114. Rachel Craig says:

    Watching Mrs Brown’s Boys on TV with the family. We all love the show and find it so funny. Mum now requests we show if again :- Thanks to On Demand.

  115. Hannah Lawrence says:

    I have a terrible memory, but the funniest recent thing that has happened was recently on New Years eve!! I gave my 21 month old a tiny slice of chocolate cake and she started drooling on it – sooo funny!!!

  116. Hevster says:

    My funniest most recent memory is saying something about my son to my sister in law at the table on Christmas Eve and making her laugh so much she spat her food out all over my brother – his face was priceless!

  117. Amy Ripley says:

    Whenever my 1 year old tickes my feet it makes me laugh every time!

  118. Kathy Cakebread says:

    when my mum sat on a camp bed and it broke

  119. Daisy Craydon says:

    My funniest memory of 2013 was when my partner took the dog for a walk late one evening and when he returned both he and the dog were unrecognisable. They were both covered head to toe in mud because my partner fell into a 4 foot puddle. Its fair to say the dog thought it looked like great fun, so jumped on top of his head. I just wish I had witnessed it myself!

  120. Rachel Yates says:

    I don’t have one specific thing my 1 year old has me in stitches every day!

  121. brenda heads says:

    My partner rushing us up to town to catch a train and finding we were over an hour early – went to Wetherspoons and had lunch.

  122. debbie creasey says:

    my funniest moment of 2013 was when my friend and i were part of the audience for celebrity juice and he kept picking on my friend 😀

  123. michelle bennett says:

    Hubbs had his first good job interview for months. I couldnt for the life of me find his shoes and after turning the house upside down, i find them squished behind the wardrobe (its open backed- one of those rotten canvas things) I had to stuff them with newspaper to get them to fill out again and even worse! … the laces were missing :O the only laces i had to hand were neon pink so he had to use them lol He didnt get the job though :/

  124. Tina Young says:

    Has to be on our holiday in spain when i tried to convince my kids and my mum and my hubby to go in the haunted house ride, my boys and hubby didnt want to, so i convinced my mum..OMG…. guess who had to be escorted out as she was in tears of freight….YES ME!! (im 38 yrs) Then every time i walked passed the ride the people dressed up were trying to scare me ..and were laughing at me…so funny!!

  125. Linda Thorn says:

    Whilst on holiday sunbathing on a beach having a barbeque,
    The people on the trip decided to play tug of war.
    The men were winning so my youngest son of 18 years jumped up and said “right!”
    He ran towards the men tugging.
    As he past a man tugging
    The man fell sideways on top of him
    He never did join in the tug of war as he was struggling to get up.

  126. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says:

    I can laugh now, the funniest moment for me of 2013 was going to a nightclub with my friends, me having one too many (I had two drinks lol since my fourth baby was born I do not drink ever so two lagers hit me hard!) and I saw my friends across the nightclub, now I know they think I’m quite quiet and mousey, so I thought I would charge over to them and jump into them all! So I did, I ran up to them, jumped, and hit the mirrored wall head first. How I had not seen my own reflection I do not know, but my friends were behind me, and when they realised what I had done they were literally on the floor with laughter, have not lived it down lol. xxx

  127. leanne williams says:

    my son saying “mummy pooed” in front of all the other mums in playgroup

  128. Sarah Fleck says:

    our funniest moment has to be when i told our 10 year old it was not as bad for you if you ate broken biscuits instead of whole ones cause all the calories fall out the broken ones, he then went to school and informed all his friends and teachers of this, it was pretty funny at the time.

  129. Allison says:

    At V Fest this year my mates and I had a BBQ, one of those disposable ones. It smoked and smoked, we didn’t think there were any flames, but suddenly they took off and the BBQ was too close to one of the tents, it set alight. I found it highly amusing – well it wasn’t mine – not sure the other guys did!!

  130. Alison says:

    We were on holiday visiting a maze. We raced the kids to the middle and wondered how they had got there first. Little did we know they were sliding under the hedges!

  131. C Parkin says:

    My funniest memory is my little boy coming out with funny sayings and pretending to be a monster and making us all laugh all the time.

  132. Lesley says:

    Probably when I did a photoshoot and didn’t realise til the clients left that my skirt had been tucked into the back of my knickers the whole time! **CRINGE**

  133. emma says:

    i dont remeber most thins i do that are funny as i am normly mortaled

  134. Kelly Hooper says:

    Funniest memory of last year has to be my daughters nativity, its the first one we have seen her in as she was ill last year. They had made her a shepherd and when she walked out she had the customary towel on her head (that wouldnt stay on) and a huge black drawn on handlebar moustashe and a teeny tiny pointy beard. She looked brilliant but me an mum couldnt stop giggling all the way though the performance

  135. Mark Palmer says:

    Seeing my children wandering around the house in monster onesies.

  136. jenna rothen says:

    when out shopping seeing a man trip and then act like it never happened.

  137. tracy scutt says:

    My friend Sue, walking around my living room, roaring and doing a very funny impersonation of a Tyranasourus Rex, to show us what her son insisted on walking like when he went through his fascination with Dinosaurs stage. She looked soooo funny…tiny hands and bottom stuck out…and usually she is so quiet.

  138. claire wilkinson says:

    my funniest memory was when me & my 5yr old were making his easter bonnet – we were papier macheing a balloon and he said wowzers mum look at her boobs they are well bigger than yours!!!!! i had forgotten to remove page 3 lol

  139. Lucy Robinson says:

    My son fell down the toilet while doing a wee.

  140. angela sandhu says:

    my son asking me in the middle of Tesco if its time i had another baby and he is really bored!

  141. Karen Scammell says:

    Ooops I thought that said comment of no more than 10 words! Yes my boyfriend was getting me a slow cooker for Christmas and there was a crock pot one I liked. We did not find out until Christmas day when I unwrapped my slow cooker and he said “sorry I couldn’t find a crack pot” that he had been going around all the shops asking for a crack pot

  142. Katie Walker says:

    My funniest memory may seem quite banal but made me laugh. ( probably one of those you had to see it). My partner was trying to change a bulb in the office. I heard a whimpering voice shouting my name and walked in to see him on his office chair spinning round and round. He was unable to stop and had his arms out stretched to try and slow himself.

  143. TracyJo says:

    I was in Hamley’s a couple of month’s ago with my son and little granddaughter, my son picked this laughing, vibrating really weird alien type toy up, called a Gigglez and handed it to my granddaughter who literally threw it, in shock, I think, and nearly fell backwards, it wasn’t nice that it had frightened her, but I was in stitches in the middle of the shop and just had to buy it, the strangest toy I have ever come across, but boy, it really made my day, little things please little minds maybe!

  144. shelley stevenson says:

    Doing watersports in marmaris with my best mate..:D we were in a big round bouncy thing that was dragged along at full pelt over waves.. we went flying into the air one of the times and my friends legs came flying up and she kneed herself in the face chipping her tooth.. sounds awful but we laughed so much that we almost peed ourselves.. .. all the time one of the speedboat drivers had been taking pictures and looking over them afterwards we laughed so hard i nearly broke my ribs.. awesome times!

  145. Denise Johnson says:

    My funniest moment for 2013 is the most recent one of playing a game of chilli chocolate roulette with my hubby and 2 teens. There were 11 nice chocolates and one filled with chilli so I said that I would go first as my reasoning was that I would have to be pretty unlucky to get the one bad out of all those nice ones! I was very unlucky and I did get the chilli one on my first go and oh my was that hot. The even funnier thing was that my hubby and teens were not sure if they could believe that I had got the chilli one on my first go so for the rest of the game they were still really nervous thinking that there could still be a chilli chocolate there!

  146. Christina Brown says:

    I know it’s awful but I found it hilarious when my adorable little tabby cat climbed the christmas tree and knocked it down…he ended up looking guilty whilst wrapped in tinsel, covered in pine needles 🙂

  147. LINDSEY CLARK says:

    Going Aqua Zorbing on the hottest day of the year wearing white clothes and everything went see through – underwear inclusive… it wasnt funny at the time though!

  148. Maria Jane Knight says:

    My funniest (if not a little cringe-worthy) moment of 2013 was when my little boy (age 3) was asked to say a little something on a microphone at my partner’s uncles wedding. Both the bride and groom in their late 60’s…and my little boy pipes up with “Do you have a bath together like mummy and daddy do?” It was the talk of the night and my little boy was rather pleased with himself when everyone started laughing.

  149. Valerie B says:

    Sitting round the table after Christmas dinner with family members telling jokes and doing impersonations had me falling off my chair with laughter – but I think the champagne did help make things seem more hilarious 🙂

  150. cathyj says:

    my athletes asking me to demostrate some high jump, hilarious sure they were trying to injure me lol

  151. Gail Reid says:

    To be honest some of these already posted comments have me at a loss as I have been cackling with laughter reading them. My daughter Little Myz always has me in stitches with the things she says though and is always able to cheer me up so my funniest moment would no doubt include her as she is my little comedian 🙂

  152. donna clinton says:

    My funniest memory is when my Fiance fell off our computer chair and broke it,my 2year old daughter ran up to him and said haha whilst laughing at him.She was laughing so much at her dad while he was on the floor!

  153. barbara s says:

    I can not think of one moment excepially funny . lots of laughs over silly little things that made us have a strange2013 sometimes what seems funny to us is not funny to others . so all in all we have had a brilliant not healthy 2013

  154. Stacey Schofield says:

    My funniest memory has to be on Aprils fools my dad swapped mums false teeth that were soaking overnight for his and mum panicking the next morning because her teeth wouldn’t fit.(my parents are in their 70s and still prank each other all the time!) Mind you with all this chocolate I think I would be the one needing false teeth.

  155. Paula Phillips says:

    Having a snowball fight last winter with half my street it made us all laugh and get to know each other better.

  156. Cris Curran says:

    The finniest memory is when my husband got me a new pug puppy and when he pulled it out of his jacket and I thought it was just a stuffed toy!! @criscurran

  157. Ann Ball says:

    Waking up to discover my niece had covered herself from head to foot in Sudocrem, and the walls, and the carpet! She was certainly tricky to catch as she was so slippery! It certainly took us more than one day to clean up the mess!

  158. Kerry Kilmister says:

    My funniest member of 2013 was when my 3 year old daughter stood one day and told her daddy off. She is tiny and she stood next to him, put her hands on her hips and shouted “i’m not kidding daddy. Go in the naughty corner for 3 minutes!”

    I was in hysterics!

  159. Emily Knight says:

    Some great photos of my other half and best friends from a Christmas party we went to…he looks a little camp, I’m a little worried that there’s something he’s not telling me! 😀

  160. clare d says:

    son saying ‘my mums alawys naked’ at parents evening!

  161. Diana Semionova says:

    Me, my baby girl, daddy and his family went for a meal to the pub. And our little one was sitting at the end of the table in a highchair and eating her ham sandwich when suddenly she started showing off, was making really funny faces and laughing laud! All table was laughing at her and she looks so proud about that ;D

  162. Lisa Ellison says:

    In 2013 I rescued a Westie called Bertie, when I first met him he was barking, snarling and filthy, I took him home on a trial basis, when he came in with Ruby our other westie, they both started licking each others noses, it was adorable but funny as I thought we were going to have trouble. Funnily enough he never left and is a true gift.

  163. Megan Davies says:

    the funniest moment was when I fell over in a posh place and I managed not to swear saying fiddlesticks. Everyone that knows me were in stitches as I usually swear like a sailor

  164. Laura Claridge says:

    Me and my Sister were on my Dads hammock (whilst drunk) and it broke so we decided to try and fix it so that he wouldn’t know! He caught us luckily otherwise it would have fallen through next time he used it! :/

  165. Rochelle Lear says:

    I went to an Ann Summers party and had to get into some very funny positions with me and a girlpal..and we had to pop balloons between our bodies, thank goodness nobody took any photos, we were laughing so much we were crying!

  166. katarina micallef says:

    Funniest and most horrific! potty training twins poo fight! :-O

  167. Andrew Hindley says:

    My funniest moment of 2013 was when my grand child Sandford came to see me, he lifted my t-shirt up and started beating my belly like a big base drum while shouting out loud “FAT BELLY!”

  168. Sacha-Marie Titherly says:

    Whilst watching an episode of Dr Who, I tried to get by boyfriend to pass me the cushion to hide behind when the ‘angels’ came on. He refused thinking it was hilarious so I just shut my eyes. He then passed me the ‘cushion’ and I thought he’d felt sorry for me – until I opened my eyes to find he had passed me our very confused looking terrier x Jack Russell! (He did make a good hiding obstacle though!) 😀

  169. jane greenfield says:

    sitting with my my little boy in the audience at a school concert when he started singing loudly along to an instrumental version of twinkle twinkle he didn’t put the musician off though

  170. rachael jones says:

    My son playing a shooting game on the xbox , becoming very frustrated because he couldnt complete the level he was on at the time , after passing through the room several times whilst cleaning i finally asked why he couldnnt complte the level *all ready to atempt and fail myself* when he turns to me and says “because they keep telling me to fire at will , and i dont know which one will is” …… well after the laughter that errupted from my mouth had subsided i explained carefully whay Fire at Will Ment LOL

  171. Laura Williams says:

    Just before Christmas I was sat with my 2nd youngest son Samson (6) and an advert came on about the poor children in Africa, with it mainly saying they have no water and could we help get them water…. Samson was taking it all in and he said to me, mummy! they need our water how can we get it to them? will the hosepipe reach? and THEN he thought a bit more and said if we all give them our water – what will we do for water? that means we will die…. will someone put us on the telly then? whos water will we be able to have??? bless him… talk about over thinking! ha!!!

  172. Karen R says:

    My funniest memory of the year a big family trip to Alton Towers. It was just about closing time when a group of them wanted to get to the Spinball Wizard ride before the ride closed, but was on the other side of the park. They thought they could just about get there if they rushed. My dd ran to the ride, then ran back again to hurry them along, and still got back there before the rest of them, although to be fair, none of them had probably ran anywhere for years! After all the running, my dd was still less out of breath than them, and they all enjoyed the ride, apparently 🙂

  173. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    The funniest moment for me was when I was Christmas shopping on line and said ‘oh dear’ to my 2 year old little girl. She asked what was wrong and when I told her I had spent too many pennies, she replied ‘Don’t worry, it was an accident’.

  174. Anthea Holloway says:

    Watching my granddog fall into the river and have to swim back to shore. The river had flooded and the poor dog thought he was paddling on the shore when he inadvertently slipped over the edge. Hew was fine though as he is a Labrador and a very strong swimmer!

  175. vandervaulk says:

    At a christmas party my son dressed in a tuxedo and dancing bent over and split his pants ,the look on his face was so funny everyone was laughing.

  176. Emma Davies says:

    My 15 month old blowing kisses while eating tomato pasta in a restaurant. He gets over excited and ends up slapping his cheek so he looked like an Oompa Loompa

  177. Georgia Keogh says:

    My funniest moment happened over Christmas.

    My mum has a Christmas stocking with a reindeer on that dances and sings when you press a button- one evening one of the cats set it off my accident, the look on the cats face as she tried to stare the thing down was absolutely hilarious! She won’t sit anywhere near the reindeer stocking now.

  178. Joanne Welsh says:

    My funniest memory was taking my nephew swimming with my friend and I, he’s only 4 and the pool was a leisure pool so had lots of play things, including a giant bucket that filled with water and tipped every ten minutes. Every time the siren went off, my 28 year old friend and 4 year old nephew would squeal “the bucket! the bucket!” and run through the water to where it tipped to make sure it dumped water on them.

  179. Emma Chester says:

    when my son sang his new version of Old McDonald in a shop – “Old Mcdonald had some pant…with a naked man here and a naked man there..!”

  180. Marrian says:

    When my cat tried to jump on the dining room table (despite knowing she shouldn’t). She landed on a small pile of magazines, most of which were only half on the table. As soon as she landed on them she slipped and she – and they – went crashing to the floor. She was so scared she ran out through the dining room and kitchen, and out the cat flap before the last magazine had hit the floor.

  181. Angela Kelly says:

    One of my students drawings of the Of Mice and Men quote “Rabbits came out of the brush at night.” Yes, she drew a rabbit next to a sweeping brush.

  182. Rebecca Mercer says:

    My funniest moment of 2013 was when we took the kids out for the day to a massive park, then men decided they wanted to go on the slides so funny I can’t even describe haha

  183. Hayley Spencer says:

    Funniest memory…my daughter falling out of bed-without fail, at least 4 times a week-and she’s 4!! Just very clumsy and moves around A LOT!!

  184. Emma says:

    After a night out in America, we returned to the hotel and as we were getting into the lift, Blurred lines was playing on the radio. My dad was doing a silly dance backwards into the lift, without noticing there was someone already in there, who didn’t look amused at all. We were laughing our heads off in the lift, it was hilarious due to my dad not realising someone was in there, the man didn’t even find it at all funny.

  185. Sue Warr says:

    I had a party at the beginning of the year to celebrate my 50th Birthday and my eldest son’s 21st…….It was the best party I have ever been to! Next time I have a joint celebration party I will be 60 and my youngest son will be 30! Such fun!!

  186. Melanie Fairypants Kelly says:

    My funniest memory hmmm this is not easy as i have a fair few I think it has to be last summer as i can’t think about it without laughing. we owned a canvas tent from the 70’s and went away in it every year ,my son decided to ask his friend who had never camped before to come along we were having a great time rope swings giggling at my cremated potatoes on the fire then the boys went to bed ,me n hubby sat around the fire drinking and chatting and were ready to go in when a rain cloud hit and the whole tent was leaking my son’s friend woke up and i wrapped his legs in bin bags and masking taped bin bags over every thing ,all you could see was me and a flash light cracking up and laughter bellowing across the field . Even though it was wet this was the funnest night camping ever .

  187. Sue Harrison says:

    Every Saturday when we go out dancing with a group of friends. We always have a great laugh. On New Years Eve we were dancing to a live band and the lead singer was playing the fool and dancing like a teletubby.. the funniest thing was the bass players face ! He is normally so straight faced but his jaw just dropped and we were in hysterics !

  188. kristy brown says:

    ‘Mummy – if England is an Island can we float somewhere warmer’ (on the ferry to IOW) The whole area pee’d theirselves laughing

  189. sallyb says:

    The funniest thing is, absolutely nothing funny happened to me last year. It was truthfully the worst year of my life but if you don’t laugh you just cry!

  190. Sheri Darby says:

    Funniest memory – The cat falling off the table, didn’t hurt himself – but certainly looked surprised

  191. amanda greensmith says:

    my most embarrising moment was when walking round asda and my son pointed the a rather large lady and shouted look at the bum on that dad would you?

  192. Joanne says:

    We spent ages teaching my daughter the meaning of her spellings – then one day we caught her listening in on a conversation. When asked what she was doing, she said she was “eavesdropping”

  193. Hmmm, hard to say… probably my mate getting pooed on by a pigeon and having to wash his head in Yates’ toilets!

  194. Hannah Smith says:

    Not had too many funny moments in 2013, but my funniest was probably falling down the back of the sofa and just hanging there begging to be pulled back up, while everyone around me laughed their heads off.. turns out giggling is contagious.


  195. hannah says:

    My son got this weird rash all over him and I gave him some antihistamines for it then I proceeded to say “Who would have thought about giving antihistamines for a rash?” It was a silly comment and my mum and I fell about with laughter at my stupidity!

  196. craig boult says:

    my funniest moment the watching our cats bound around like absolute loons

  197. Sarah Parker says:

    I have had lots of fun moments with my family – the kids love Miranda and we have laughed and laughed at all the episodes 🙂

  198. natalie holland says:

    taking my 62 year old mum on oblivion in alton towers…. priceless

  199. stephanie campbell says:

    it doesn’t really sound that funny but it was at the time and sorry if it offends anyone. i am a sexual health student and training to be a sexual health adviser, at uni we are required to do varied amount of assessments, one of mine was to do a condom demonstration. just to my luck the condom split during this demonstration d but i was infront of 30 15 year olds including my step sister. it was fair a red cheeked moment, my sister just burst into fits of giggles as did the rest of the class, it was truly embarssing but so funny as i was just stood there with a condom in my hands. its ok, i still passed.

  200. Rachel Gilbey says:

    Funniest memory of 2013 is going to see the Book of Mormon and being in pain by the end of it because I had laughed so much

  201. Jayne K says:

    I really can’t think of any particularly funny memory from last year, although looking after my daughters pet ratties while she was on holiday made me smile a lot. Such gorgeous, entertaining little creatures with huge personalities.

  202. Lauren says:

    When we were on holiday and my partner’s competitive (adult) brother had to paddle across the swimming pool in a game organised by the animation team only to get badly beaten by a 10 year old girl. He said he done it on purpose…

  203. Oliver Jackie says:

    my funniest memory of 2013 was when I accidentally left an open tub of Sudocrem in my grandsons travel cot after changing him. I walked in to find the large pot of nappy cream sitting between his legs, with him covered from head to foot in it and a look as if to say – it wasn’t me LOL, he was just over a year old.

  204. Deborah Bird says:

    When my sister was telling me all about her neighbours trampoline flying away, I could not breathe for laughing!

  205. holly lovatt says:

    One very funny moment was when I was in my first couple of weeks training at work and a girl I was training with couldnt pronounce a word and got it completely wrong. Both of us were in stitches of laughter in this training room with everyone else being serious. One of those moments where you cant stop laughing and the slight thing sets you off again!

  206. Laura Caraher says:

    Taking my nephews camping only for the youngest Jack to ask me what bear deterrents we were using 🙂

  207. Kel Ellen Hirst says:

    Turning up at the wrong party as I had the date completely wrong -was a funny night after that!

  208. Elle says:

    My funniest memory of 2013 is ironically planning to see a Hypnotherapist to cure me of my addiction to chocolate, and now look at me here!

  209. Susan Oliver says:

    My other half recently fell over the recycling box. He seemed to do it in slow motion and then spent 10 minutes on the floor telling me he couldn’t move. I could hardly breath for trying not to laugh.

  210. Tanya says:

    I dropped my bag down the toilet in a public toilet just as I flushed it. I laughed and laughed so much. I didn’t know what to do. After I calmed down I had to dry everything out.

  211. Michelle Kinsey says:

    My son ‘whispering’ loudly to Santa, whilst paying him a visit, that he has been very good and whatever Mammy and Daddy has told him is all lies, and because it’s naughty to tell lies, he shouldn’t bring us any presents! My husband and I couldn’t move for laughing, the poor ‘elf’ couldn’t hide her face quick enough.

  212. sarah says:

    my memory is of my kitten Tom. i was putting chicken bones on the food recycling bin when he followed me and quickly grabed the firts thing he could before i closed the lid and ran off with a potato peeling insteas of a chicken bone. i could just imagin his disapointment when he stopped running and ralised it was potatoe and not chicken . lol this isn’t the funnest memory but it sticks in my mind at the monent as we lost tom on chirstmas day when he wnet over the rainbow bridge to heaven.x

  213. Lisa Catalano-Beattie says:

    Funniest memory being half italian was at my wedding…during the best mans speech…a box in the colours of the Italian flag gets presented to my husband to only open it and find a horses head in it(fake) whilst the godfather music was played! The entire room burst into laughter and tears! Followed by all three best men flashing their superhero pants in their kilts. So funny’

  214. David Jackson says:

    my memory of 2013 isnt funny but bin told i need a knee replacement so roll on2014 and get it over with

  215. Ros Irwin says:

    Driving home from work in quite a lot of traffic when the cars stopped on both sides of the road to let a duck and her 8 ducklings cross the road – wonderful

  216. Sarah Pybus says:

    My little girl singing along to songs and getting the words wrong, so cute that it’s a shame to correct her 🙂

  217. Keith Stepney says:

    Doctor told us that our daughter was well and we were of protective and she was not projectile vomiting he went to pick her up then she projectile vomited all down his front.He then said oh she does

  218. Laura Costello says:

    My dad has bad legs and walks funny. One day my nephew pipes up and says “Grandad do you like walking like a penguin” So funny!! xx

  219. Gemma Snell says:

    Think it was probably when me & my husband were being married and it got to the point where the registrar said does anybody know of any legal impediment why we shouldn’t marry and my 3 yo niece shouted ive just trumped lol, and everybody was in stitches

  220. lorraine polley says:

    watching my grandson daniel who is 4 in his first christmas nativity play at school. its amazing how much use you can get out of some old tea towels, tinse!!! i remember doing this so many times with my own kids, happy days x

  221. Laura Pritchard says:

    My funniest moment was when I accidentally tidied the stepladder away and left my husband stranded in the loft for 20 minutes!

  222. sallyann johnston says:

    I asked my daughter what she wanted to be when she got older and her reply was “A Pensioner!” lol

  223. Andrea Williams says:

    My 20 month granddaughter and I accidentally bumped heads in the swimming changing room and she said ‘sorry darling!’ It had me in stitches for hours.

  224. Jamie says:

    My Grandad trying to push my 4 month old brother down a hill instead of around the path !

  225. jodie harvey says:

    i have a fair few funny memories from last year, mainly because i have 4 very funny children, but the funniest thing was when my daughter came home from school one day and asked me ‘mummy, what animal lays a sausage’ never laughed so much lol!

  226. Diana Croos says:

    after doing x’mas shopping i used bus to get home and i woke up when the driver talked to me and it was the end of the journey and i missed the stop. so had to take another bus back way 🙂 😉

  227. Rachel Nixon says:

    My funniest memory of 2014 is when my cat fell into the bath whilst we were running it and she came out soaked! Then, we had to dry her with a hair drier and she actually enjoyed it!!

  228. Alisa Moore says:

    Funniest was when we went to a great comedy night in London, laughed so much I was crying

  229. karen hargreaves says:

    My funniest memory was when I was 11 years old, we lived in Wales and my grandparents had come to see us for a holiday and we took them to our local beach for the day, we had a 6ft blow up dinghy which my dad always tied onto a long tow rope so we wouldn’t go out to sea too far, my nan was absolutely petrified of water and me and my sister were in the dinghy and my nan was standing on the edge of the water when this big wave came along and pushed the dinghy into my nan’s legs and she fell backwards into the dinghy on top of me and sister. I will never forget the fear on her face, but it was also so funny even now 20 years later we still laugh at it as mum had managed to capture the whole thing on cinecamera which dad has now transferred onto dvd

  230. Rennene Hartland says:

    when my friend got her head stuck in a inflatable ring on holiday it took her about 10 minutes until she had the brains to just deflate it sooooo funny

  231. Emma Price says:

    Mine’s funny/embarrassing but I went on a very early morning coach excursion on holiday and fell asleep. When I woke i’d twisted in my sleep and managed to rip my shorts open completely showing everyone my bright pink pants! Thankfully a sweet little old lady leant me her scarf to cover my dignity! Funny in hindsight, embarrassing at the time!

  232. Emily Hutchinson says:

    My funniest memory is when we were on holiday and someone thought my friend was a film star!

  233. Pauline Appleton says:

    My youngest dog loves to watch TV, visitors are always amazed at how besotted she is with it. She watched the whole of the Olympics Opening Ceremony and started whining if we tried to switch channels!

  234. Joanne Homer says:

    I went to Blackpool for the day with my 3 year old, my mum and my grandma, as it was a nice day we decided to have dinner on the beach although we weren’t really dressed for it ( ie not wearing shorts or swimming costumes ) we all warned my son about running on the beach as he is a bit accident prone, but the inevitable happened, he tripped and went head first into a rock pool and drenched himself! I had to rush off quickly to buy a cheap towel and clothes from one of the shops!

  235. ClairejB says:

    I actually really struggled to think of anything funny at all that happened, how sad is that? Any way, our upstairs neighbour running out of the building in a tiger onsie was pretty funny! 🙂

  236. Last year my dad and I went christmas food shopping at Sainsburys, it was possibly the Saturday before Christmas so it was absolutely hectic with everybody rushing around. Our trolley had over £75 worth of food in, and we turned our backs on the trolley for no longer than 30 seconds and then to our surprise it had disappeared!!!!
    I was hysterically laughing, but my dad didn’t find it funny at all. However, he can laugh about it now! 🙂

  237. Becky John says:

    My youngest is autistic and constantly has me in stitches as he takes everything so literally! On a visit to town I said we’d go and see his Nanna (who lives in town) and “Kill two birds with one stone”, spent the rest of the day explaining I hadn’t actually killed any birds or thrown stones at them!

  238. emma cropper says:

    Nothing beats my husband being hit in the face by a plastic shark as he tried to build our sons hot wheel track. The fact it was accompanied by the words this is meant to pop up but it doesn’t work moments before made it funnier

  239. Natalie Crossan says:

    My daughter on the train home on her birthday from Peppa Pig World (She’s two!) seeing an attractive man getting on the train, she shouted “WOAH! WOAH!” and tried to follow him. Killed myself laughing!

  240. Naomi Buchan says:

    My brother finding the the misheard lyrics to O’fortuna on you tube and singing them to the whole family x

  241. Kieran says:

    Probably this Christmas when my 6 year old niece said she wasn’t going to get married as she was going to have 100 cats instead.

  242. Polly davis says:

    My son asking in a very loud voice if willy wonka has a wonky willy

  243. tony houghton says:

    mine would have to be me winning a harrods hamper seen as i dont
    win anything

  244. chris williams says:

    When I had just spent ages cooking dinner, dished it up and gave my Daughter her plate. She didn’t quite get hold of it and it went up in the air, over her shoulder and plopped on the kitchen floor. Her expression was priceless. I think she expected me to shout and scream but I just burst out laughing. What can you say she didn’t mean to do it. I still rib her and say well if you didn’t fancy that for dinner why didn’t you just say and I would have cooked you something else.

  245. Diane Jackson says:

    Funniest memories of 2013 was seeing my 5 year old daughter pretending to be all loved up with Harry from One Direction… Kissing his poster every night

  246. Anni Large says:

    My little boy crawling around the table chasing his daddy!

  247. Emma Howard says:

    So many funny memories, but the one we were still laughing about earlier today was when we were on our summer holiday and I shouted down to the playground to ask my eldest son where daddy had gone. He shouted back, at the top of his voice, “Daddy’s gone for a poo!”

  248. Leanne B says:

    My 7 year old niece instead of making a list for Santa decided she was going to make an order. Her older sister made a list though! Had us in stitches.

  249. Vicky Thompson says:

    My funniest moment of 2013 was when I frayed my husband

  250. Starry (@Orangeblossom78) says:

    My funniest memory… would have to be my friend’s hen party. She was Cruella de Vile. I was Bubbles from Ab Fab. It was a murder mystery and we had to act out a story. Watching people get into their characters was hilarious!

  251. Amanda Richardson says:

    falling face down at the edge of the sea when trying to get out infront of a whole beach full of people. Ended up having to go back in the sea to try and get rid of the sand out of my bikini!

  252. Sam Furniss says:

    My funniest moment, though not the least painful, was when I fell over a pile of boxes I was about to take to the charity shop. I completely forgot they were there, thank goodness no one saw me as it was very Frank Spencer. The worst part was the black eye, which rather than telling everyone how I done it and sounding completely foolish I made up the story that I’d done it ice skating which was slightly more exotic.

  253. Catherine Corr says:

    My funniest memory of 2013 was when I went on a hen night with friends. The night was wild+ we cast unmentionables in a chocolate mould. It was supposed to be a keepsake but it was fab chocolate so sadly nothing lasted for longer than the weekend! A funny idea but not very practical! 😉

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