Win 15 100g Green & Blacks Chocolate Bars! [CLOSED]

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Ooooo – crobinsonayres has won! Check this lovely chocolate blog for more competitions later…

Holy cow – how is it that I’m giving these away?  I’m pretty sure I should just keep these beauties for myself *especially* since I’m starving as I’m writing this and the location where I’m at is lacking in chocolate… oh wait! I have some in my handbag… *nomnomnom*

Oh wait… ya, so for THIS COMPETITION you *MUST* be on the mailing list to win.  What does that mean?  It means that once a day, sometimes even at weekends, you get an automatic email from the system which contains the blogpost.  That’s it.  No blog post, no email (sorry).  No ads, no spam, no nothing else. So… what do you have to do to win I hear you ask?


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You want to let the world know you have entered this somewhat exclusive competition?  Want an extra chance to win (you do have to be on the mailing list though)? Well, tweet “RT @mostlyaboutchoc We’re giving away over a KILO of @greenandblacks CHOCOLATE! To enter, check here: ”

That’s it.  Already on the mailing list? A tweet gets you one extra entry. But wait – you don’t tweet? OK… Post something about the competition to your profile as a status update and tag Mostly About Chocolate in it.  How? You need to “like” the page then when typing your status update type “@mostly” and you should see a drop down lost with our page.  Select that and voila – that tags us! Maybe something like “I’ve entered the Mostly About Chocolate chocolate competition!”.

Wait… you don’t facebook or tweet but you do blog?  OK… uuuummmm…. maybe a blog post about your favourite chocolate, chocolate producing region, chocolate memory – I dunno, something to do with chocolate and in the blog post, mention the competition and link back to us.  You might need to email me to let me know you’ve done it though (decabbit –at- hotmail dotco dotuk).

Is that OK?  Have I covered everything off?  I think so… I mean… Livejournal is free so that’s a blog platform (as is wordpress I think) and twitter is free and facebook is free so it’s totally free to enter!

Rules?  I guess UK residential addresses only please as 1.5kgs of chocolate is going to cost a small fortune to post.  My decision is final. You get one extra entry per social media outlet only so 20 blog posts doesn’t mean 20 entries… just 1 but a blog post and a Facebook means 2. Please don’t spam. You *must* be on the mailing list to win. Contest closes at 2pm Sunday January 16, 2011. Void where prohibited. Do not taunt happy fun ball.

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8 Responses to Win 15 100g Green & Blacks Chocolate Bars! [CLOSED]

  1. Jax Li says:

    Tagged you on my facebook status and RT @PurellJax and i am already on mailing list

  2. Kate P says:

    Subscribed to the mailing list and Tweeted as @yummymumto2… great competition x

  3. catmiaow says:

    Liked you on FB and shared, subscribed to your mailing list and tweeted @cazzzie987

  4. nicola says:

    Subscribed to the mailing list following & tweeted @oasis1317

  5. Lucy says:

    wow what a fab giveaway! I’ve tweeted as @pied_wagtail x

  6. Melissa says:

    MMM lovely chocolate blog!
    I have tweeted about your comp on twitter as @Melissa_73W and shouted about you on facebook as Melissa Wash. I have joined your mailing list too. Thankyou.

  7. claire1979 says:

    Thanks for the win! Looking forward to these!

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