Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?

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Well, I’ve been having one since Friday.  Everything seems to be going wrong from missing a deadline (I thought I had until midnight but I didn’t) through to tube disruptions, late trains home, and all sorts of small and big disasters.  I am sad I burnt the chocolate muffins but I’m quite pleased I spotted an error in the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and so corrected the recipe so it worked at all 🙂

So we’ve done the drawing after much faffing with entries and the like.  We used Random.org to select between blog posts (none), twitter, tags in facebook and the list itself.  The rule was if random.org selected something other than the list, the person had to be on the list.  Poor hubby had a real issue getting all the entries into spreadsheets.

Random.org chose the mailing list and on that database, it chose entry 184 which was “crobinsonayres” so congratulations goes to this list subscriber!  I’ll be doing a competition for people subscribed to the YouTube channel next week and it is going to be great.  Possibly not 15 bars of chocolate as this is going to cost me a small fortune now to ship but something nice. Maybe I’ll have to go to Artisan du Chocolat or give away some of my treasured Soma chocolate

Work is so busy that it has left me with little time for anything else these days.  I wish I had more free time but hey – being busy means things are going extremely well and I have a trainee as well so I’m able to teach someone how to do what I do while also hiring a mid-level person in San Francisco!  It’s all go at the office so very satisfying.

I got a chance to go to Cadbury Cocoa House and try some hot chocolate and high tea and give feedback about products.  That was very cool whether they take my suggestions or not! I’ve also got a queue of chocolate bar reviews as well as things like the chocolate spread review to go live this week.

I hope you’re looking forward to the Valentine’s Day chocolate reviews to help you choose what the best Valentine’s chocolate is out there to give as a gift and also of course we’ll have a large Easter Feature even more detailed than our Christmas feature.

I hope you guys are enjoying the blog.  I’m experimenting with new blogging styles so I hope you’ll give your feedback in comments and whatnot and I hope you keep enjoying the blog!

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