Thorntons Jubilee Chocolate Easter Egg Review

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thorntons jubilee chocolate easter eggImagine what something that looks like this must taste like. Imagine what something with these swirls of chocolate must taste like as you break pieces off something as big as a rugby ball. Imagine the increased delight of getting a box of chocolates with four trays of chocolates, all different with it.

thorntons jubilee chocolate easter egg unwrappedI had received this egg from Thorntons after a particularly difficult three weeks. I got back to the office to find a huge box with this egg inside of it waiting for me. I extracted it from the box and it drew immediate attention from everyone. There were “oooo”s and “aaaaaa”s all around – this egg made an immediate impact – and that is with the office used to me getting chocolate all the time.

To talk about the chocolate of an Easter egg is slightly unfair sometimes I think. While Pierre Marcolini, Soma, William Curley, Paul A Young and others are creating chocolate eggs where the chocolate stands front and centre, this is an egg made for those who just want to enjoy them without caring whether that slight peanut scent comes from an additive (no) or the flavour of the bean (which it does).

thorntons jubilee chocolate easter egg unwrapped crosssectionThis is an egg for someone who knows that on Easter morning the delight in the eyes and on the face of the person receiving this egg will be worth a thousand words. This is the kind of egg for those who want to shun the cheap chocolate from questionable sources and buy good chocolate from a company who hired a professional artisan chocolatier to create new chocolates like their key lime and chilli cocoa pod chocolate. This is a chocolate Easter egg for someone who knows Thorntons is still a high street brand many view as luxury. This is an Easter Egg filled with chocolate and the promise of more.

thorntons jubilee chocolate easter egg assortment boxThe promise of more chocolate comes in the form of the box of four trays of chocolates, including eight special chocolates celebrating the 100 years Thorntons has been around. There is a mix of chocolates in here I have reviewed before, plus these new ones and a few I have not yet reviewed but this is all about Easter and so the best way for you to learn about this egg is to buy it and enjoy the milk chocolate goodness with all the unique chocolates inside.

If you’d like to buy this chocolate egg with its extra box of lush chocolates, hustle your butt down to your nearest Thornton’s shop or visit them online.

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