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The Chocolate Ladies Double Chocolate FudgeWhen I got a delivery from The Chocolate Ladies of their brownies and fudge to review, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Soft fudge and gooey brownies are my absolutely favourite foods! But as everyone knows, the quality of the chocolate that goes in is one of the prime determiners of the quality of the brownie that comes out.

The fudge was cut into lovely squares which weren’t quite perfect – an important thing to note when preparing your fudge retrieval strategy. You want to ensure you are getting a large piece (perhaps not the largest) and so knowing there is a slight difference in size is essential.

The Chocolate Ladies Double Chocolate FudgeThis is soft creamy fudge so for fudge retrieval from the bag, the manicured nails pincer move worked well for me. I found in the past the squeeze and grab method something resulted in loss of fudge due to lack of structural integrity and  that is a crime. With this fudge because there are 2 textured though, you risk separation and sometimes a larger piece is made up of smaller ones together so take care when grabbing to maximise fudge retrieval from the bag.

When you get your piece of fudge, you’ll notice how lovely and soft it is. The delightful double chocolate fudge is creamy but with two different textures from the two different chocolates. Lovely and soft and moreish but rich enough that you won’t want much more than a piece at a time, this is a fudge I’d buy another bag of. Well, maybe 2 – one to keep and one to share 😉

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