Prestat Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Thins with A Hint of Earl Grey

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matcha earl greyI’m a big fan of the Earl Grey chocolate thins from Prestat. They were strongly flavoured and thin and delightful – just perfect for a dinner party, as a gift or for any reason really – like munching while watching TV 🙂

These new thins were, therefore intriguing to me. Not a flavour I would have chosen for myself (they were sent to me by Prestat), I set about in my mind justifying them as the healthy alternative to my chocolate routine. I figured that matcha was green tea, green tea is healthy for you therefore these were healthy… right? I’m right… I have to me 😀

matcha earl grey thinsThe way I describe these to other people is to imagine that you have made yourself a slightly creamy matcha in a mug that you just had a big mug of Earl Grey tea in. It’s that hit of bergamot in there without it having the bitter tannins combined with the creamy white chocolate and matcha tea that has been done so well without being too sweet..

It would have been very easy to over sweeten this chocolate but Prestat has balanced the white chocolate component of this product perfectly for me. It is sweet – don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. It just isn’;t a sugary cloying sweetness that would make it inedible. The bergamot is distincy, coming through immediately and the matcha has none of that seaweed flavour that can sometimes come through.

Overall it is sweet but not extremely so (for a white chocolate – this is not a breakfast chocolate) and the matcha flavour comes through distinctly like a creamy matcha drink plus the bergamot flavour makes this a delightful chocolate this which is a great alternative for those who react to cocoa solids.

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