Teaching Loncon 3 How To Taste Chocolate with Original Beans, Willie’s Cacao, Pump St Bakery, Askinosie and Duffy

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I volunteered like some kind of foolish person to do a free tasting for 150 people at Loncon – the World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention which came to London for the first time in over half a century. Having already bought my membership and paid for my hotel I then decided to work the convention as well. >DOH< To do this I had to ask for a little help from my chocolate friends.

I bought some catering cups and then got some flyers – one for everyone attending the tasting. Since advanced signup was required I knew we’d not get more than the 150 but still made up 160 flyer sets. In order to make sure everyone understood what they were doing and tasting I wanted to make sure everyone had information about what they were tasting.

I called the session “From Tree to Tummy” since I was going to talk about how chocolate is grown, fermented, dried, roasted and more then we were going to try nibs from Paul A Young before going on to taste chocolate from Original Beans, Askinosie, Duffy, Willie’s Cacao and Pump Street Bakery.

I encouraged everyone to visit Fortnum’s to buy Pump St Bakery chocolate, Duffy’s Chocolate and Original Beans. I also recommended Selfridges for Original Beans and Willie’s Cacao (plus recommended the black pearls – YUM). I instructed people that they absolutely had to go to Paul A Young to not only buy Duffy’s chocolate but also Paul’s amazing chocolates!

Getting ethical chocolate online is easy as well which means you can get it no matter whee in the world you are!
Original Beans Online
Willie’s Cacao Online (plus you can buy it at Waitrose as well as elsewhere)
Pump St Bakery Online
Askinosie Online
Duffy Online

Choose delicious ethical chocolate. It may cost more but you are supporting farmers directly getting higher prices for their beans. In many cases there are no middle men. That means no brokers taking a cut for doing nothing meaning farmers directly benefit. Choose ethical chocolate, choose one of the 5 above.

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