Soma Chuao 70% Microbatch Chocolate Bar

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Soma Chuao Chocolate BarI am a fan of Soma chocolate.  I have reviewed their chocolate before and my experience in the shop was FANTASTIC.

Now *this* chuao bar is what I’m talking about. Sealed in foil, this dark chocolate bar smells lovely as you cut open the foil packet.  The 80g bar can be broken into small squares and as you let it melt on your mouth, your taste buds are shaken into life with a slightly acidic, fruity flavour that sharpens as the chocolate melts.

The flavour is divine and just takes your mouth to chocolate heaven.  I wish I had never tried this bar because knowing that I have to go to Toronto to get more, and that because they do micro batches, I may never get another.  This is an amazing bar free from soy lecithin and vanilla which just sings of dark fruits like figs and plums.

This bar is likely what the other Chuao bars were trying to be and failed.  Joy (MINE!)

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  1. Phil says:

    Hah – it reminds me the scene from “Plump Fiction” (parody of “Pulp Fiction”) – this one with chocolate from Colombia double foil-wrapped in order to deceive detection dogs 😉

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