Hotel Chocolat Chuao 70% Purist Chocolate Bar

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Hotel Chocolat Chuao 70% Purist Chocolate Bar

The Hotel Chocolat Chuao 70% Purist Chocolate Bar is the one on the left

This is another Chuao chocolate bar, this time from the folks at Hotel Chocolat. They have created this bar as part of their Purist range of artisan chocolate bars.

Hotel Chocolat say that they have managed to get ahold of some of these criollo beans which are the most prized on earth and they have turned them into a bar which they say has flavours of nuts, cream and caramel – quite different from the Amano and Soma descriptions.

This Chuao bar is very different than the Amano one despite being from the same bean grown in the same region. Once again this is a smooth chocolate with a slight hint of burnt flavour however it has s slightly sweeter, less aggressive taste than the Amano. I do get raisins and a bit if nuts but what I don’t get is a dry mouth like some dark chocolate can taste like. This is slightly acidic and I do get a bit of a punch in the back of the mouth in the cheeks but overall a very nice bar.

A very different bar from the Amano and perhaps one more aimed at the mass market given the somewhat sweeter taste to the bar.

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