Soma Africa Ghana Chocolate Bar Review

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soma africa ghana chocolate bar in wrapperI love Soma chocolate and I really enjoy visiting Soma and trying new chocolate. This chocolate certainly is different. It is very expensive to get this bar flown over to the UK but I think you’ll find it is worth it.

The first thing is the smell. It is absolutely deep dark chocolate and unlike other chocolate. This asserts itself as a chocolate of chocolate and nothing more or less. This is a deep dark chocolate with a slightly coconutty flavour which turns spicy and then woody in your mouth. It is extremely spicy and not at all acidic but is very dark and very different from other chocolate.

soma africa ghana chocolate barIt is bordering on smoky and almost tastes burnt but it isn’t. It is just so dark it could almost be coffee which is what comes through at the end. As it finishes it leaves a distinct coffee flavour which is all cocoa bean and not at all added. This complex chocolate is intense and aggressive and leaps up and grabs you by the throat before smacking your taste buds around and making you remember why you love chocolate.

If you’re a porcelana fan this is not the chocolate for you but if you’re looking for something different that will introduce you to new flavours and new tastes this is absolutely the thing for you!

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  1. Silvia says:

    I should really get myself some Soma soon.

  2. coversnail says:

    It does sound intriguing! I haven’t been much of a chocolate coniesseur (sic) in the past but have gradually weaned myself off the staple super sweet British choc. Its a bit weird to hear wine-tasting language such ad ‘smoky woody aftertaste’ in relation to chocolate but I guess I just have to train my pallette a bit better!

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