Shortbread Hearts with Aromatic spices from Pistachio Rose

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pistachio- oseI love the amazing baked goods from Pistachio Rose and I know that she works phenomenally hard to ensure that everything she creates is as close to perfection as she can get. She first engaged the foodie scene to get some attention from people who would appreciate her flavours and now she’s going global.

Well, maybe not global but her new line of shortbread aims to please the delis and lunch spots by enabling them to sell absolutely gorgeous little bags of amazingly flavoured shortbreads. The visible packaging may mean broken ones get left to last but the beauty of the shortbreads overall should be a fair attraction.

pistachio rose cookiesThe shortbreads are small, the perfect size for a single bite. While you could theoretically nibble at these, they are designed to get all the flavour in a single hit. I am not the world’s biggest fan of woody herbs on anything, let along my shortbread but I found these OK. The shortbread itself is absolutely gorgeous. The butter was marvellous and I think that just on its own this would be a winner. The herbs sprinkled on top add an extra element and while I may not be a gushing fan, I did like them 🙂

This is not a ‘marmite’ cookie – you are going to enjoy it. You may be ambivalent on the herbs but that’s about it – you’re going to love the shortbread and you can pick out the herbs and spices if you really don’t like them 😉

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