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Please vote for “Eat My Blog”


It was a late night at work and I had been told that it was the deadline for submitting proposals for speaking at South by Southwest.  I love sharing knowledge and speaking at conferences is an immediate buzz of helping people and teaching.  I also always give away chocolate so everyone leaves on a sugar high.  So I worked late, despite having an hour and a half commute home, and submitted eight proposals for work to select from.  As it was late on a Friday I threw in a joke – a talk about my blog.


Weeks later when they chose and submitted I found they had chosen the joke – the talk about this blog which has nothing whatsoever to do with my day job.  In fact, this blog is about my passion for chocolate.  Chocolate Reviews knows more about the SEO of this site than I do and Chocablog does more programming on his blog than I do on mine.  I just write and, coming from a family of writers, I can say I write poorly with a degree of confidence.


The selection of sessions is partly on votes, partly on an advisory board say-so and partly staff selection.  I’d really like to go and so if you’d be so kind as to vote I’d appreciate it.  It does require signing up to prevent vote fraud but in all it is a mostly painless experience. Plus work will pay for the flights and accommodation!!  Suhweet!


Please vote for “Eat My Blog”

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