Seed and Bean Cornish Cream Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar Review

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Seed Bean Cornish Cream Caramel Milk ChocolateAh Cornwall and Cornish cream – or more specifically – Cornish clotted cream.  I cannot count the number of times clotted cream from Cornwall has been a proud incredient in fudge or chocolate or toffee or whatever.  It seems those contented cows in Cornwall are turning out some top notch product!

I’ve been to Cornwall.  It is both beautiful and dire.  The landscape is beautiful inthe summer and bleak inthe winter.  The howling wind can be super scary.

This bar has a slight grittiness to it as it melts.  While I am ready for the typical toffee/caramel flavour, I don’t quite understand why there is this sandiness to the chocolate.  The rich milk is a smooth melt so I assume this is from the addition of the Cornish Cream Caramel.

Seed Bean Cornish Cream Caramel Milk Chocolate barInstead of being a bar filled with Cornish cream caramel, it is mixed through in a rather fine almost powdery state I assume which is what I’m getting in the melt.  Don’t get me wrong – for those who like sweet milk chocolate with a caramel hit this is absolutely lovely.  You’ll likely chew it and it will explode in your mouth with sugar and chocolate and hints of caramel that come distinctly through in the after taste.  For me, who likes to let her chocolate melt in the mouth and grow and develop it has a distracting grittiness which I noticed straight off.

Don’t let that put you off.  With hard-core organic credentials, this chocolate is the perfect flavoured bar to grab instead of something less planet-friendly.

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