Seed and Bean Chilli and Lime Dark Chocolate Bar Review

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seed bean lime chilli dark chocolate reviewChilli is something of a fashion in chocolate of late.  There is a theme of going back to the way the Mayans had their chocolate around but frankly I like my chocolate roasted, well refined, conched & tempered.  Nonetheless there has been a spate of chilli bars that have hit the market.

There is an absolute smell of chilli on the chocolate.  It is faint but present.  Given the smell is a strange cross between chocolate and chilli, each struggling for supremacy, I wonder at the taste.  This is another bar where oil and not actual product is used.  The initial top note takes a time to develop and that lime does come through as a dry citrus with a flavour that also hints at pith as much as lime.  The chilli is a heat at the back of the mouth and a faintly strange flavour that mimics the scent I caught earlier.  Again, this bar is hardly aggressive in its flavours and if I didn’t know it was lime and chilli I was supposed to be tasting, I would never have guessed it.

seed bean lime chilli dark chocolate reviewOverall not the best bar in the stable.  I can understand the flavour combination as it is very Mexican.  While I can see why that combination was chosen, the flavourings need to move beyond oils into the actual product and the even more difficult balancing act of infusing a dark chocolate with flavours from the natural ingredients.

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