Salted Caramel Ecuador Bar from Xocolatl de David Review

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xocolatl de david salted caramel boxWhen I was in San Francisco, I bought this bar on a whim. I was in a salted caramel phase and so thought that given some disappointment in the past with single origin bars I would go for a filled one.  I really didn’t set any expectations for this bar and so I wondered only what it would be like.

According to the website, “David started Xocolatl de David informally, and unintentionally, in 2005 while just ‘playing around with chocolate.’  Over the next 4 years he worked hard to make his chocolates and confections stand out from those around him. His creations can be classified as more savory than sweet, while keeping the focus on the chocolate.”

Salted Caramel Ecuador Bar from Xocolatl de DavidI have to congratulate David here on what he has done. Thin slabs of clearly salted caramel are spread throughout this lovely 72% Ecuadorian chocolate bar. It is a thin bar and so the salted caramel is thin as is the bar, creating a deliciously moreish chocolate treat.

Salted Caramel Ecuador Bar from Xocolatl de DavidThe quality of the Ecuadorian chocolate is great which means the bar on its own could really stand out as very nice but add in the salted caramel and this transforms this bar into something amazing. The salted caramel has clear salt crystals secreted inside which enhance the flavour of the chocolate as they combine with the caramel and chocolate in your mouth.  There is never too much caramel nor chocolate in a mouthful given the layers are so thin. This means the chocolate melts well, is enhanced and as a combined whole creates something way more than its parts.

Absolutely a top recommendation as a filled bar. Would this win an award? I could see it fighting an awfully good fight with the great chocolate and delicious caramel.

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