Kent and Fraser Food Cookies and Biscuits Reviewed

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kent and fraser biscuitsI got four different types of cookies from Kent & Fraser but regrettably one arrived in pieces – the terrible dangers of post being illustrated in the boxes I got, let alone the crumbs in the one packet of a pair of cookies that arrived in crumbs. Still, most of these 3 boxes were whole and so I thought I’d give them a review!

According to their website “Award winning Kent & Fraser have a passion for good food and we really love to bake! We have dedicated ourselves to creating an outstanding range of great tasting, hand-made and 100% natural, gluten-free biscuits, cookies, and shortbread that are packed full of taste and deliciously that bit better.” As someone who is actually allergic to wheat (I’m fine with gluten – I’m not fine with wheat in any form), I was eager to try these cookies which have replaced traditional wheat flour with rice, maize and other bits.

Choc Chip Crunchy CookiesChoc Chip Crunchy Cookies – yes, these are very crunchy cookies. I think they need a dipping in tea but they are also very buttery cookies. They are really nice and rich but could do with more chocolate 😉 I think that these, of the 3 I tried, were my favourite cookie. Of course, everyone’s taste is different… These are gluten and wheat free and have no eggs. I’m not anti-egg but nice to have no wheat and still have it taste like a cookie.

Chocolate Butter Crunch Sweet BiscuitsChocolate Butter Crunch Sweet Biscuits – These were very chocolaty but not as buttery as the choc chip and thinner. They are really cocoa and chocolaty and a little less sweet, in my opinion, than the choc chip. I did like them but my favourite really is the choc chip. These are wheat, gluten and egg free as well.

Stilton & Walnut Savoury BiscuitsStilton & Walnut Savoury Biscuits – These were not quite my cup of tea but they are delightfully herby and the crunch of the walnut is pronounced without being overpowering. While strongly flavoured with stilton and not as much of walnut but also balanced with the flavour of herbs, they weren’t quite to my taste. These biscuits are wheat, soya, gluten and egg free so a real global biscuit for a number of food sensitivities.

Of all the types I tried, the exceedingly buttery choc chip cookies were my favourites.  They are all quite crunchy but most packet cookies are. They are free of a number of allergens and so will be perfect for you or your family. Just pop on over to the Kent & Fraser site, pick a type and harass your local supermarket until they carry them!

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